11th May 2020

Health & Wellness

  1. Reverse Chronic Illnesses like High BP, Cholesterol, Diabetes, Obesity, Indigestion, Hormonal Imbalance, Migraine, Cancer, etc., with Integrated Natural Therapies – A full day online workshop by Darryl D’Souza that can be done anytime. Details Here.

Food & Farming

  1. Join us at Organic Home Farming in WhatsApp if you would like to learn how to grow food at home or on small to medium size plots.


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Arts & Culture


*Fee – Rs.555 only*

✅Human beings are social animals & that is why one of the most important factor of our happiness depends on our – *RELATIONSHIPS ( personal & professional )*

✅Relationships fail because people become either *silent or violent* in their communication.

*Silent* – They cannot express themselves bcz they fear the other person won’t understand them.

*Violent* – They express themselves in a very angry way by fighting & saying hurtful things.

✅You will learn how to avoid both these ways & learn *tools & techniques to maintain healthy relationships with spouse, children, family members, parents, friends, employer & employees, competitors, co – workers & customers.*

*DAY-WISE DETAILS* of the workshop 👇🏻

*Day 1 – 2*

Understanding psychology of relationships

4 most common relationship mistakes

*Day 3*

What are ‘’crucial conversations’’ in relationships

How to handle crucial conversations to avoid fights

*Day 4*

Understanding the body language of the other person

*Day 5 – 6*

NLP technique for conflict resolution in relationships

Sleep programming for relationship healing

*Day 7*

3 important Convincing skills ( learning to convince without manipulation )

*Day 8*

Dismissing ‘’ black & white ‘’ thinking and behaviour

*Day 9*

Switchwords & water charging for relationship healing

*Day 10*

Learning to deal with ‘’unfulfilled expectations’’ in relationship

*Day 11*

CBT technique to ensure there is equality in the relationship

*Day 12*

3 step method to restore trust, respect & safety in the relationship

*Start Date* – 15th may

*Fee* – Rs.555

*Venue* – Whatsapp & permanent access of full course on your email

*Medium* – Audios/video lectures, reference notes, pdfs, practical assignments, 24*7 doubt clearing facility

*Certification of completion to be awarded*

To join, click the link – https://chat.whatsapp.com/E9f3SHRKuDk6CMEQ80TDRD

2. Face reading or physiognomy, is an ancient art of analyzing a person’s character based on their facial features. Every facial feature – such as narrow eyes, big nose, long chin, thick eyebrows etc. – has a psychological meaning. … You can also do a face reading to reveal the state of your health.

*Course Content*

*Day 1*

Introduction To Face Reading

*Day 2*

Basic Principles

*Day 3*

Learning About Hair Textures

*Day 4*

Hair Colors

*Day 5*

All about Forehead Shapes and Lines

*Day 6-12*

*Face Reading and parts of body*

Eyes – Seeing The World

Eyebrows – Kindness & Warmth

Nose – Money & Abundance

Lips – Love & Romance

Cheeks – Warmth

Ears and Chins

Jaws and Moles

*Day 13*

Analysing Thinking emotions and Will

*Day 14*

How to choose The Right partner and soulmate

*Day 15*

Indicators For Health

*Day 16*

How To Read Your Seniors Face at Work

*Day 17*

Identifyng anyone Career potential through face Reading

Ee – 500 rs

*Start Date – May 14*

*Venue – Whatsapp with lifelong access on Mail*

*Medium – Audio/ video and pdf notes*

Language – English and Hindi


*Certificate of Completion*

*Those interested in Joining the Face Reading Workshop Please Join The Group From Below Link*


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