Earth Keepers India

If you would like to be active on any of our 8 whatsapp communities in India, please join them through the following links:

Earth Keepers Belgaum

Earth Keepers Bangalore

Earth Keepers Delhi

Earth Keepers Goa

Earth Keepers Hyderabad

Earth Keepers Jaipur

Earth Keepers Mumbai

Earth Keepers Nagpur

Earth Keepers Pune

Click here to go to Earth Keepers Goa web page

Earth Keepers in India also work in the field of Wellness in Mind, Body & Spirit as part of their work in Integrative Medicine to heal Humanity of all it’s physical, mental, spiritual illnesses and also fears and phobias of our current times and the emerging future. They also work towards healing Mother Earth of all the destruction done to her and accomplish this task, through the following Healers & Therapists groups on Facebook that were started by Darryl D’Souza in 2013. If you are in these cities, you’re welcome to join these groups and not only share your own healing work, but also benefit from what other doctors, healers, therapists, shaman and yogis on the groups have to offer.

Healers & Therapists in Ahmedabad

Healers & Therapists in Bangalore

Healers & Therapists in Chennai

Healers & Therapists in Delhi

Healers & Therapists in Goa

Healers & Therapists in Hyderabad

Healers & Therapists in Kolkata

Healers & Therapists in Mumbai

Healers & Therapists in Pune

Healers & Therapists in South India


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    1. We will be sharing the recordings of the webinars of all 30 days along with the various speaker’s contact details, one by one after 15th Oct on our Earth Keepers Connect mobile news channel, so please subscribe to it by clicking this link and saying Yes to receiving notifications. Thanks! The webinars are happening every evening of Oct from 6pm to 8pm. You can join by clicking the same Zoom link. The list of webinars is on our page

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