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Earth Keepers Connect is a platform that connects ‘Earth Keepers’ across the globe, so that they are better able to share about activities they do towards leading healthy and balanced lives, and also activities that reverse the damage done to Mother Earth.

Earth Keepers are people who have enough insight to see that their future depends on Mother Earth’s future, and so they walk their talk every day, through their choices of ethical profession and projects, whether in the areas of health, environment, organic farming, permaculture, education, arts & culture, entrepreneurship, good governance etc, and through the smallest of mindful things they do on a daily basis that betters the lives of all on this planet.

We invite to share your activities, projects and events in the above domains so that all of us here can learn from them and implement the same in our localities.

We are in the process of designing this website to become a global platform that acts locally from inspiration and good examples from all over the world. The membership will be free, though funded only by a few core team members across the globe who believe in the cause, but we will be open to donations later, as work and activities build up. Earth Keepers Connect is founded by Darryl D’Souza.

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Webinars of The New Earth Summit 2020

Welcome to the 2nd edition of The New Earth Summit – India’s 1st Integrative Summit showcasing solutions for our problems in Health, Food, Farming & Environment.

Hosted by Earth Keepers Connect, Goa, this year it focuses on The Pandemic Recovery Plan

30 A mazing Zoom Webinars that happened every evening from 1st to 30th Oct 2020, giving deep insights into all the topics below from over 100 domain experts across the country with Q & A sessions with our audiences will now be available for your free viewing from 15th Nov to 15th Dec 2020, so please click on the link below and Subscribe to our YouTube channel to receive the video notifications and participate in The New Earth Summit with your own questions in the video comments section that will be answered by our esteemed panelists


1st Oct – Reversing Chronic Illnesses with Natural Therapy & Lifestyle 
Panelists – Varsha Naik | Mugdha Pradhan | Dr. Neeru Goel | Darryl D’Souza
2nd Oct – Reversing Diabetes the Right Way 
Panelists – Dr. Pramod Tripathi | Dr. Nandita Shah | Dr. Rupa Shah | Dr. Alok Chopra | Dr. Paawan Wadhawan
3rd Oct – Healing the Digestive System 
Panelists – Dr.Shikha Agarwal | Abhishek Mukherjee | Darryl D’Souza | Shailender
4th Oct – Ayurveda, Yoga & Naturotherapy for Good Health 
Panelists – Dr. Rita Vaz | Felly Gomes | Dr. D Sathyanath | Dr. Aruna Vishwanathan
5th Oct – Healing with Energy Medicine
Panelists – SShreevidhya | Bhawana Dahiya | Aswathy Sreekumar | Dr.Denise Rodrigues
6th Oct – Healing Cancer
Panelists – Jay Sutaria | Darryl D’Souza | Dr.Shikha Agarwal | Dr.Evelet Sequeira
7th Oct – Prioritizing Mental & Emotional Health
Panelists – Joan Pinto | Shobhika Jaju | Aditi Tendulkar | Muskaan Khanna
8th Oct – Natural Medicine based Wellness Tourism
Panelists – Felly Gomes | Dr.Firoz Varun | Darryl D’Souza | Sanjay Sachdeva
9th Oct – Holistic Education
Panelists – Ameeta Sanghavi Shah | Jayaprakash Jala | Dr.Coomi Vevania | Nandita Deosthale
10th Oct – Spirituality for Global Peace & Harmony
Panelists – Maria Salazar | Manish Paliwal | Darryl D’Souza | Alejendrah K East


11th Oct – Healthy Food for a Healthy Life
Panelists – Darryl D’Souza | Dr.Reema Arora | Siddharth Shukla | Dr.Shikha Agarwal
12th Oct – Growing Food at Home
Panelists – Peter Singh | Clea Chandmal | Sandra Fernandes
13th Oct – Farming Problems and Solutions
Panelists – Irfhan Shaikh | Miguel Braganza | Mervin Fernandes
14th Oct – Organic Farming Initiative by the State of Goa
Panelists – Kamal Sen | Nestor Rangel | Miguel Braganza
15th Oct – Cleaning our Toxic Food Supply Chain
Panelists – Vinod Kumari | Darryl D’Souza | Bhagyashree Shaikh
16th Oct – Plant Food choices for people, animals or the planet?
Panelists – Nandini Gulati | Aditya Harmalkar | Shankar Narayan
17th Oct – Are Seasonal and Local Foods enough?
Panelists – Nestor Rangel | Darryl D’Souza | Peter Fernandes
18th Oct – The Need for Local Seed Banks
Panelists – Jay Sutaria | Peter Fernandes | Bhagyashree Shaikh
19th Oct – Involving Youth in Agriculture and Value Addition
Panelists – Liza Pinheiro | Miguel Braganza | Dr.Jennifer Lewis
20th Oct – Community Markets offering Healthy Options
Panelists – Irfhan Shaikh | Darryl D’Souza | Meenu Nageshwaran


21st Oct – Sewage Treatment and Disposal Systems
Panelists – Gavin D’Souza | Uttam Banerjee | Capt. Joseph Lobo
22nd Oct – Eco-Friendly Homes & Living
Panelists – Roopesh Rai | Hyacinth Pinto | Tallulah D’Silva
23rd Oct – Eco-Friendly Alternatives to Waste Generation
Panelists – Gaurav Pokle | Nandini Gulati | Saritha Sudhakaran
24th Oct – Effective Rainwater Harvesting Systems
Panelists – Abhinav Apte | Capt. Joseph Lobo | Romaine San Francesco
25th Oct – Developing an Eco-Friendly Self-Sustained Village Model
Panelists – Dean D’Cruz | Felly Gomes | Avinash Tavares
26th Oct – Local and Sustainable Livelihoods in Goa
Panelists – Varun Hegde | Darryl D’Souza | Edward Mendes
27th Oct – Forest Nurseries & Mangroves for Coastal Economy
Panelists – Dr.Kalpana Chaudhari | Romaine San Francesco
28th Oct – Protecting our Oceans and Coasts
Panelists – Darryl D’Souza | Venkatesh Charloo | Kalpana Chaudhari
29th Oct – Mining in Goa
Panelists – Anamika Gode | Ramesh Gauns | Vishal Rawlley
30th Oct – Goa a Coal Hub?
Panelists – Inacio Vas | Darryl D’Souza | Avinash Tavares


17th Nov – Detox to Increase Immunity
Speaker – Dr.Shikha Agarwal

See what our speakers and artists presented last year at the summit

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Thank You!
Summit Convener, Darryl D’Souza

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    1. We will be sharing the recordings of the webinars of all 30 days along with the various speaker’s contact details, one by one after 15th Oct on our Earth Keepers Connect mobile news channel, so please subscribe to it by clicking this link and saying Yes to receiving notifications. Thanks! The webinars are happening every evening of Oct from 6pm to 8pm. You can join by clicking the same Zoom link. The list of webinars is on our page

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