WHO Crimes against Humanity

This video is about World Health Organization’s Crimes against Humanity https://bitchute.com/video/7Ny6CVfRdYE0

It explains how WHO created the Covid-19 Pandemic using 14 Medical Malpractices.

The video also explains the deplorable work of WHO over the last 75 years and why they have failed as a health organization. And it explains who the real custodians of health are on this planet.

Please support the ban of WHO and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation in India for crimes against Indians and all of Humanity.

Ask the Government of India not to sign WHO’s Pandemic Treaty that is attempting to create a far worse Pandemic in India than the previous Covid disaster.

Help the formation of Integrative Medicine & Healthcare Committees in every city and state in India and at the national level too, so that we can prevent the next Pandemic from happening in India.

If you are a healthcare professional and would like to support this movement or become a committee member at the city, state or national level, kindly email us your detailed CV at integrativemedicinecommittee@gmail.com so that we can propose your nomination to the relevant committee.

Visit the website of the Integrative Medicine & Healthcare Committee for more details www.integrativemedicinecommittee.org

Join us every evening at 7pm on Earth Keepers Connect in Telegram for live discussions on this topic https://t.me/earthkeepersconnect

Thank You!
Darryl D’Souza

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