Webinar – Spirituality for Global Peace & Harmony

Welcome to Day 10 of 30 Pre-Summit Webinars of The New Earth Summit hosted by Earth Keepers Connect, Goa

Spirituality for Global Peace & Harmony

Our panelists – Maria Salazar | Manish Paliwal | Darryl D’Souza | Alejendrah K East

Date: 10th October 2020
Time: 6pm-8pm
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See what our panelists presented last year on this topic:
1. Dharma and The Earth Keepers by Darryl D’Souza https://youtu.be/Mbim2TlaHsQ
2. The Global Peace & Harmony Project by Manish Paliwal https://youtu.be/IGDTb9f0T8o
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