🌟 Shamanic & Alchemical Mystery School 🌟 From December 4th to 7th

Namaste Dear Friend,

We live in a catalyzing time, when change is flowing through our lives so rapidly, it feels hard to keep up.

There is a sense that we are building toward something … Some elusive breakthrough shimmers on the horizon … But what is the breakthrough? How will it happen, and when?

We cannot yet know for sure.

It feels as if we are swirling in a mysterious space between past & future, in which we are seeing the old structures & systems of our world crumbling & disintegrating around us.

And we are standing strong & resilient in the center, holding space for the new world that we know we are meant to build, together.

We can feel this vibrant, inspiring new world rising up in our hearts, even though we cannot see it yet.

While we’re living in the Great Mystery of these times, it is incredibly helpful to look far back to our distant ancestors – to previous civilizations in which the wonder of the mysteries was appreciated, honored, and utilized in order to help the people live.

These ancient people knew that the unknown – the void – the space between two realities – is a powerful place from which all new things are birthed.

It is similar to the wombspace, or the black holes from which entire new galaxies emerge.

When we connect in with the skills, tools, and knowledge that was passed down through the lineages of the ancient Mystery Schools, we find many answers that are relevant to what we’re going through today

  • We can look to Tarot, Astrology, and divination practices to see into the future & inform ourselves & our community about what is coming next
  • We can engage in ritual and ceremony to find our own power and create the future from a high-frequency space
  • We can bring in meditation, shamanic journeying, and mindfulness practices to create a clear, quiet center within and receive the guidance & instructions from the higher intelligence of the universe
  • We can work with herbalism, energy healing, the chakra & kundalini systems of the body, and many other healing modalities to bring health & strength to every cell of our being
  • And so much more!

When we connect with these ancient tools, we find that we DO know how to navigate in times of uncertainty.

We DO know how to cultivate health and resilience, even when things seem chaotic around us.

We CAN see into the future, better understand what is happening in the world, and make our decisions based on higher wisdom.

And … We can not only strengthen ourselves, but also hold space for others who are in need, because we are calm and grounded.

All of these Mystery School teachings are more important for us now than ever before!

Let’s dive in and learn all about them, in a wonderful (free) upcoming event, designed to guide us through times of uncertainty, created by my dear friend and colleague, Jocelyn Star Feather.

This groundbreaking global gathering is called:

Shamanic & Alchemical Mystery School:

Opening to Our True Power & Abilities as Living Beings in the Miracle Realm of Earth

LIVE Global Broadcast! December 4 to 7, 2023

Click here to register now (free).

(Link to: https://www.mystery-school-global-gathering.com/)

I’m delighted to be a speaker in this groundbreaking event! I’ll share about Creating a New World

Did you know … ?

The ancient peoples in every culture around the world had Mystery Schools in which students or initiates would learn about:

  • The inherent divinity within each & every person, and how to open the lines of communication with our guides, angels, power animals, and the forces of nature
  • How to work with the energetics of the Earth to manifest & create what we need in life
  • How to read the stars (astrology & astronomy)
  • How to tell what will happen in the future (oracular & divinatory training)
  • How to channel and allow the sacred intelligence of the cosmos to flow through us
  • Energy healing and clearing / purification practices, so we can be a clear conduit for insights & visions to come through
  • Using sound to create a higher vibrational frequency state of being
  • Ritual and ceremony, and how to carry out ritual & ceremony properly (timing, what tools to use, working with the elements, and so on) so we can be in cosmic alignment and right relationship with the Earth
  • How to work with our own life force energy (kundalini energy) and chakras for our greatest health and access to our own divinity
  • And so much more!

In the Shamanic & Alchemical Mystery School Global Gathering, you will learn about all of these topics, and more!

And that’s not all … You’ll get to be part of the conversation, LIVE and in real time!

We will have LIVE interviews every day of the event, where you can join in real-time, ask your own questions, and be a member of our powerful global community of like-hearted individuals.

You will make new friends, and form connections with our wonderful teachers, healers, and visionaries ~ Connections which will lead you to vast new possibilities for your life & your future!

Click here to enter the Mystery School now (free)!

(Link to: https://www.mystery-school-global-gathering.com/)

I can’t wait to see you there!

Darryl D’Souza

P.S. – Here are some of the powerful topics that our speakers are bringing forward during this groundbreaking gathering:

  • Touching the Jaguar: Changing Perceptions to Transform Yourself & the World – with John Perkins
  • Transforming the Scars of the Soul: Embracing Your Heart Wounds as the Gateway to Evolution & Liberation – with Dr. Marie Mbouni
  • Iboga: A Multi-faceted Medicine for Addiction, Trauma, Holistic Wellness, & Visionary Creativity – with Elizabeth Bast
  • Becoming an Authentic Creator – with Waxela Sananda
  • Your Body is a Revolution! – with Ellie Paskell
  • Unlock Your Sexual Power: Activate Your Visionary Gifts – with Baljit Rayat
  • Sound Alchemy and the Mystical Traditions of Egypt in Spain – with Ani Williams
  • Eco-Embodiment: Remembering Your Original Shape – with Dr. Azra Bertrand
  • Alchemy & Astrology in the Ancient Mystery Schools: The Heart of Transformation– with Jocelyn Star Feather
  • Unleash Your Power: Cosmic Clarity for Fulfillment & Financial Freedom – with Taylor Shuler
  • Sacred Geometry: Accessing Universal Intelligence to Activate Our Multidimensional Consciousness – with Nadi Hana
  • Light Language ~ The Energetic Space of Re-Centering, Re-Generation & Healing – with Veselka Nikolova
  • Manifesting Multidimensional Abundance With Magdalene Energy – with Danielle Rama Hoffman
  • Becoming Stewards of the Sacred – with Natasja Pelgrom
  • Teach Your Children Well: The Female Body as a Tool for Planetary Transformation – with Kathy Forest
  • Archaic Revivals & Growing Soul with Astrology – with Adam Sommer
  • The New Human and Awakening the Crystalline Grid: An Alchemy of Power & Possibility! – with Dr. John Ryan
  • Irish Witch Alchemy: Becoming the Voice for Ireland – with Eimear Stassin
  • Reinventing the Human – with Dr. Tayria Ward
  • Everyone’s Ability to Channel, Heal, & Speak Light Language – with Daniel Scranton
  • Creating a New World – with Darryl D’Souza
  • And many more!

P.P.S. ~ This conference is even better when shared with others! Please forward this email to anyone you know who may be interested in learning about these potent topics. 🔥

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