Pandemic Recovery Plan

Darryl D’Souza: This page has been made from content discussed in the group Pandemic Recovery Plan focused towards implementing the components that make up a healthy, eco-friendly, locally self-sustained, circular economy model of living for the state of Goa, as it seems to be the best decentralized model for our current Pandemic times for other states as well. Thanks to members of Earth Keepers Goa, Goencho Avaz, Goa Green Brigade, Live Happy, CatcH2O, Calangute Constituency Forum and Lila Environmental Solutions for being part of this project.

We had already publicized components of this model at The New Earth Summit last year in Nov in Goa, so this is an ongoing movement that had this foresight. Please see all its videos at and get familiar with our work and team.

The most important thing in current times is how to empower yourself, when you are being disconnected from people and services and everything around you seems to be crumbling. You now need to become self-reliant in different areas of life and then show others around you also how to do it. In the coming days we will discuss the following topics one after another for a couple of days each and when everyone has had their say and action points are delivered on each topic, we will move to the next topic. The topics are:

Healthy Life

Healthy Food

Detoxify Your Life

Move To Real Assets

New Local Jobs

Goa’s Environmental Issues

Goa Green Party


The pandemic has made something very clear to everyone – a decentralized self-sufficient village / state model can serve its people in a much better way than a centralized system where everything can collapse if any of the interlinking chains get contaminated or fail for some reason.

Since the time we left our health in the hands of others (people who we did not know or could not trust), they manipulated our medicine systems making us addicts of allopathic pills that till date do not cure any chronic illness and in the process brought us to the state where all these illnesses are happening at younger ages and cancer is a common occurrence and people’s immunity is so low, that even a non-living virus, can shut us all down completely. Now the only way out is to take care of our own health with our proven ancient and local natural medicine systems.

Since the time we left our food making to others (people who we did not know or could not trust), they manipulated our food for higher monetary gains, which has completely contaminated our food supply chain with toxins that are now causing widespread sicknesses, and in the process they destroyed our food as well as the land and water that made our food. Now the only way out is to make our own food or buy it from people we know who have not contaminated it.

Since the time we allowed our permanent valuable assets to be managed by others (people who we did not know or could not trust) they kept representing our assets by equivalent paper money. Thereafter, even though the assets did not increase, they printed false paper money and are circulating it amongst us. This fake money system that is not backed by real assets may collapse very soon.

In fact, many knowledgeable people across the world are saying it has already collapsed in the background and this man made Pandemic is just a front face to bring economies to a halt, so that they match the real bottom value of the economies. When we restart at whatever level, everyone will blame it on the pandemic and not on the smart businessmen who made our fake paper money systems. Reports explain that huge organizations like Amazon and Reliance India are running on loans whose interest itself they are having a hard time paying. What about returning the loans themselves? Not possible.

Now our only way out is to have real assets…. land is the most important. For if you have land, you can have your own home on it, grow your own food on it and dig a well and have your own water and free sunlight and fresh air of which you can also produce power, so then you can have your basic needs met and your health as well intact.

Healthy Life

Darryl D’Souza: Cure yourself of all chronic illnesses that depend on allopathic medicines with Integrated Natural Therapies. Lead a Medicine Free Life! Get your immunity to the highest level possible, so that no virus affects you and you don’t need toxic vaccines. I have been teaching this science over 15 years to millions of people across the globe. The result is that so many of these people who have implemented it properly do not need any medicines, any doctors, any medical bills and any hospital visits. So they are free from the health trap that most others are facing in the world today. This is the 1st basic empowerment for you and your family and your community.

Healthy Life topic has been taken up first because it is a basic foundational ecosystem of human life that has a very close relationship with food. Also now because all of us are petrified of a virus that can kill us.

Viruses are non-living genetic material (metabolic cell debris made from protein) that are excreted from the cells of the human body, or from the cells of any other living organism, which could be an insect or a bacteria as well, when they are subjected to internal cellular toxicity. In this state the cell begins a cellular purging whose side effects are experienced as flu, sore throat, coughs, joint pains, fatigue, breathing difficulties, etc. in the body. Viruses are not living organisms that can do any independent work of their own, like a bacteria or yeast or fungus or mold or worm or fluke can do. It cannot multiply.

The excreted virus protein matter is just information codes for the rest of the cells of that body to know what detox process or disinfection process has been completed, so that the other cells of the body get their feedback and know how to behave from thereon to re-balance the organism, since its detox phase is complete. The other name for such protein matter that body cells excrete during detoxification is Exosomes. Alleged Electron Microscope images of COVID-19 exactly match those of Exosomes and by that one knows that they are one and the same.

Some medical research labs claim that they have isolated the COVID-19 Virus from infected people and cultured it, but they only have paperwork about it and no real evidence such as Electron Microscope videos of isolating and then culturing the virus, or the virus so far exhibiting the claimed – attachment to the human body, followed by entry and then multiplication of itself. It is only their supposed theory about it which is shown through schematics and digitally made images and not real images of any virus. In comparison, there are videos of actual bacteria and fungus and other microscopic organisms doing their multiplication and damage, and also human white blood corpuscles engulfing them and killing them. Bacteria and other microorganisms have been multiplied in perti dishes, but never a virus. The RT-PCR does not test for the virus itself. Its test results do not even pass the Gold Standard and that’s what makes it an unfit test to check for any virus. It is not to be used for diagnosing infectious diseases, as it gives false results as already evident across the world.

Finally these research labs need to administer the COVID-19 virus to people who have no pre-existing health conditions to see if it causes the sick conditions of breathlessness and dry cough and body pain and thrombosis. The volunteers for these trials cannot be groups of people chosen by the testing labs, but volunteers from the public domain to make sure no fraud is being done. Only when all of this is proven, can it be concluded that COVID-19 virus causes these results and is therefore a threat to life. Preparation of a vaccine can only be talked of at this stage and not before all of this has been proven. Furthermore, all new vaccines should only contain substances that are proven worldwide to not cause any harm to the human body in the short term or long term.

Reports from places across the world point to evidence that what is causing the outbreaks of lung infections and thrombosis and flu and breathing difficulties is a highly contagious pneumonia bacterium that is a living entity which is multiplying once it gets into the human body and causes infection and cellular damage. That is why people in many countries who are being treated by antibiotics are recovering within 72 hrs, simply because their antibiotics are killing that living bacteria. Researchers claim 100 percent cure rate vs. COVID-19 in 100+ patient trials conducted in Ecuador, using intravenous chlorine dioxide.

The entire medical community knows that viruses cannot be killed by antibiotics, so this is not a virus that is being killed. Anti-inflammatory drugs and anticoagulant drugs are also being used to reduce the thrombosis (disseminated intravascular coagulation) when people do not notice their symptoms in time to take the antibiotics, so the infection advances over 14 days to create the condition of thrombosis. Viral flus do not take more than 5 days to leave a person. 14-21 days on the other hand is typically the period required for a bacteria or similar pathogenic microorganism to multiply in specific areas of the human body that turns into cellular damage.

A virus is like a scab that has just fallen off a wound on your body. It was a cellular secretion in protective response to cellular damage. It was living matter made by the human body but it is a lump of dead cells. It can only multiply or grow in size when it is attached to the human body, because it is the human body that is adding to its cellular mass. Once it is detached from the human body, it cannot do any activity whatsoever of its own. Even if another person puts it on their body or ingests it, nothing will happen to them, unless it still has some living bacteria or fungus in some pus cells within it that are still alive. The bacteria or fungus are the real organisms that infect and cause disease, not the viral matter. The scab cells, which are similar to exosomes or virus cells are the Trojan Horse, within which the bacteria or fungus exist that are the real culprits that damage the human body. Antibiotics kill bacteria and Antifungals kill Fungus, not Vaccines.

The human body does secrete the viral matter as part of its detoxification process that killed the microorganism and therefore the body also exhibits the related viral load and antibodies. In this scenario also, the social distancing norms and face masks and washing hands with soap or hand sanitizers, or self-quarantine if symptomatic are to be followed as well as detection symptoms of fever, dry cough, sore throat, breathing difficulty, body pain, loss of taste, loss of smell, etc. Some people don’t wear masks as a symbol of freedom, but that does not change the fact that a mask prevents you from touching your mouth and nose when in public places and it also acts as a shield from cough droplets or mist falling on your mouth and nose when in close proximity to people coughing.

There is no scientific evidence what-so-ever for any medically-relevant alleged virus, ever having been isolated/purified, as concluded & proven in the German Supreme court in 2016, when microbiologist Dr. Stefan Lanka offered a prize of €100,000 to anyone who could prove the existence by isolation/purification of the alleged measles virus (or any other medically-relevant virus), which no-one was able to prove in court then or since, as admitted & confirmed by specialists in court, from the Robert Koch institute in Germany (The German equivalent of the CDC).

This followed virologist Dr. Lanka’s amazing discovery, when he stumbled upon the breathtaking fact that there were no scientific papers in existence, proving that any medically-relevant virus had ever been purified/isolated, after him spending 26 years as a noted virologist searching for the published scientific papers detailing & demonstrating the procedures taken to prove so.. which is why he then confidently offered the prize which remains unclaimed, resulting in germ theory on which it is founded, also remaining unproven, which is why it is still called a theory. Here is the news article on it Biologist-Proves-Measles-Isnt-Virus-Wins-Supreme-Court-Case

‘The Virus’ is biological warfare, a classic example of the ‘Trojan Horse’ used so often in our famous battles in history, an external decoy that is meant to confuse people of its unclear nature of being a living or non-living entity, so the very premise of its treatment becomes difficult to ascertain. Secondly the focus on it distracts us from where the real focus should be, which is to kill the living microorganism that is causing the real damage to the human body. An organism like this seems to have come out of the Wuhan Labs in China.

The Indian Government is taking the lead role in the world now by announcing the COVID-19 vaccine rollout on its Independence Day 15th Aug’20, backed by the manufacturing power of The Serum Institute of India (the world’s largest vaccine manufacturer) despite vehement opposition of other Indian Medical Councils and Indian Science Councils of how unsafe it is.

To know how dangerous vaccines are and to see how they have been stealthily introduced into our healthcare systems over the decades by bypassing mandatory safety testing procedures, please watch the following documentaries and videos. The Truth About Vaccines 2020 Roundtable hosted by Ty & Charlene Bollinger, where some of the world’s most eminent virologists and microbiologists and doctors and healthcare professionals have explained these details. Read the official reports from government bodies on websites like this one – see the video by Dr. Annie Bukacek Dr Scott Jensen of how there is no real test for COVID-19 and ordinary viral flu symptoms are wrongly being used by the World Health Organization to classify a person as COVID. These videos also disclose how vaccines have killed countless people over the decades – more than they have actually saved.

Watch Dr. Sherri Tenpenny’s interview and also Dr. Judy Mikovits interview on the London Real TV website. Watch Dr.Zach Bush’s interview on the real nature of viruses and why they are not the ones doing us any harm. Watch Dr. Lorraine Day’s interview She once worked for the CDC, and also got an award for being the person who handled the most number of AIDS cases She also reversed her Cancer 20 years back. Someone like this is a person of great caliber. See what she says about all the viruses and the operations of the CDC. Also see how death from many other health conditions like pneumonia, bacterial infections, autoimmune diseases and chronic illnesses are being noted as COVID-19 deaths by instructions dictated to hospitals by the World Health Organization (WHO) and The Center for Disease Control (CDC) and how they are monetarily incentivizing people across the world to say they have Coronavirus symptoms.

Watch the video on London Real TV at of Dr. Rashid Buttar hosting a COVID-19 Roundtable with over 150 doctors that explain how we are being wrongly forced by WHO and CDC to accept vaccines that will endanger the lives of all Humanity. See Del Bigtree’s interview on London Real TV – The Coronavirus Vaccine Agenda: Exposing the dangerous truth of Big-Pharma’s Master Plan. Watch the videos on the BitChute platform for more of the real news of what is going on in the world regarding this Pandemic. Most of the mainstream TV channels in the world do not give the real picture of what is going on because their either belong to these groups of people who have been engineering this pandemic for over a decade, or their governments are pressurized by them.

Many people will get this infection. The ones with the highest immunity will have undetectable or very mild symptoms that will pass off in 2-3 days because their immune system will fight it. People with moderate immunity will get the dry cough, sore throat, breathing difficulty, thrombosis etc and will need some medical help. People with pre-existing conditions like high diabetes, heart conditions or severe autoimmune illnesses may die after a struggle. So please understand why you need to cure all your existing chronic illnesses and increase your immunity to the maximum. Sitting at home now, you have the time to do it, so do it with all the resources I am sharing with you now and also other resources that other members here may provide you.

It has been 90 years now that allopathic medicines have failed to permanently cure chronic illnesses such as diabetes, high bp, low bp, cholesterol, thyroid, arthritis, obesity, acidity, fatty liver, gout, constipation, migraine, chronic fatigue, digestive disorders, asthma, sinusitis, pneumonia, bronchitis, heart disease, kidney disease, lung disease, hormonal imbalance, infertility, backache, chronic fatigue, autoimmune diseases and most of the other chronic illnesses including cancer. Popping pills everyday does not mean you are cured of anything.

Only a combination of natural therapies such as naturopathy, diet & nutrition, herbal body detox therapy, herbal medicine, acupressure, acupuncture, yoga, pranayam, breathwork, mudras, meditation, mind power, bodywork, cranio-sacral therapy, sound therapy, tapping, regression therapy, essential oil therapy, color therapy, energy healing, quantum healing, etc., are able to cure these illnesses.

These therapies can be done by individuals at home and millions of people are getting cured by them since the last 10 years and this proves that allopathic medicines are a fake science that do not cure any chronic illness.

The same allopathic pharma giants who have become a trillion dollar industry from taking our money and not curing us of anything… for close to a century are now shoving down our throats their new business model of vaccines to make money of 7.5 billion people at least twice a year, over the next 100 years. For some decades they established the model just for children and now they want all human beings to have it. You will surely get it free, but your government pays for it from your taxes instead of giving you better amenities.

You can either accept this as a devious plot by the Elites / Criminal Cabal of this world, if you are into conspiracy theories or the oversight of doctors and patients across the world over the last 90 years. The final resultant damage done to Humanity over these years remains the same and you are about to make the next biggest blunder of the next 100 years by accepting vaccines as part of your healthcare system. By the time American children are grown up, they receive over 50 vaccines and they remain much sicker than their counterparts living in remote jungles, who hardly ever fall sick, even after being in the middle of the forest from where all the deadly viruses and bacteria are coming out.

You can cure most of your chronic illnesses with the help of my book ‘Become Healthy or Extinct’ that is a free download from my website It is read in close to 200 countries and has also been called ‘The Bible of Good Health’ by many across the world. On that page you will see many testimonies of the book.

Or those of you who cannot read a book of 300 pages and follow its advice yourself at home, and also in case you are in a hurry, please do my online health workshop Curing Chronic Illnesses with Integrated Natural Therapies anytime at it costs Rs.3000 and can be done over 2-3 days also. It details are also on my page where you will see some more amazing healing testimonies.

Next, for a fast track free 1 to 2 hr session on how to detoxify your body and improve its immunity please watch my video Also watch my webinar on the same topic for some more good info Not just watch them, but make your notes and get busy with the right actions asap. These are the healthcare sciences we have to learn and teach our children if we want to have any sort of a healthy future.

Reports from around the world show that the highest COVID-19 death rates are happening in senior citizens and comorbid patients (people who have chronic illnesses or autoimmune illnesses and are taking allopathic medicines for them regularly). Besides them, others are also getting the virus. Whilst these others test positive for Coronavirus, some show no symptoms at all, some show symptoms of dry cough, fatigue, body pain etc., that gets over in 4-5 days like the usual seasonal flu and a few need to get hospitalized because they experience extreme fatigue and fever and breathlessness. So what sense is to be made from all of this info?

Here is the key – Our Immunity! Senior citizens have the lowest immunity because of their age and decline of body performance parameters. Comorbid people’s immune systems are also functioning at a very low level. Why? Simply because their daily allopathic pills for conditions such as diabetes, high bp, low bp, cholesterol, thyroid, arthritis, fatty liver, acidity, constipation, migraine, chronic fatigue, digestive disorders, asthma, sinusitis, heart disease, kidney disease, lung disease, hormonal imbalance, infertility, backache and all other autoimmune diseases are not curative in nature. Instead they are like a life support system you need to cling onto every day of your life. Their daily usage keeps the body in an imbalanced state causing the immune system to be engaged to as high as 60-70% with their management of side effects as well, therefore you have just 30-40% of your immune system resources left to fight the real attacks from viruses or bacteria or effects of food poisoning or drinking contaminated water, etc.

So the important point that is being made is that everyone will get the virus sooner or later, like we all get the flu, whether in the 1st wave or the 2nd wave that is to come soon or the 3rd wave by the end of this year. The people with low strength immune systems who get the virus may die from their comorbid conditions. Those with medium strength immune systems who get the virus may get dry cough, fatigue and body pain that gets over in 4-5 days like the usual seasonal flu, developing the Coronavirus antibodies nevertheless and those with high strength immune systems will show no symptoms at all and they will develop the antibodies too.

Here are the things that make a person’s immunity weak:

  1. Eating unhealthy foods such as foods containing animal’s milk, processed sugar, too much oil and also processed foods that contain chemicals, as they all engage the immune system to fight their harmful effects on the body. We should instead eat fresh food and organic if possible or grow our own food to be sure of its purity. Avoid microwaved food as well. The normal food we get in the market lacks vitamins and minerals because they are grown on demineralized soils and with bad farming practices and that is why we in turn lack vitamins and minerals in our body, and that takes our immunity severely low. Therefore now it is important to take supplements of Vitamin C, Vitamin B12, Vitamin D, Zinc, Iodine, Calcium and others as per our deficiencies and also have lung strengthening teas of tulsi, ginger, lemongrass, nettle and tumeric.
  2. Using body products, cleaning agents and detergents that contain chemicals. Their chemicals go through the pores of our skin and finally reach the bloodstream and then they reach our lungs and liver and kidneys, which have to engage the immune system to eliminate their toxins. Use natural herbal products instead.
  3. Living on allopathic medicines to manage chronic illnesses. No one deserves to live with sickness, so please learn how to cure your chronic illnesses. When we don’t do this, we not only live with compromised immune systems, but also pass on bad genes to the next generation and that is one of the reasons why our children get sicker than us at the same comparative age.
  4. Surrounding ourselves with bad electricities with the excessive use of the laptop and mobile phone and then being surrounded by wireless and blue tooth networks all the time. Their fields engage our immune systems and damage our energy fields that originate from the chakras within our body. Therefore I have advised all my clients to replace all wireless and bluetooth networks in their homes with cabled internet and to give up using the mobile phone at home and instead use a cabled IP phone with apps like Skype to make audio / video calls to people across the globe for free.
  5. There are numerous reports across the world that explain why 5G is harmful to the human body, so we need to avoid it altogether. 4G has satisfied all our needs and we need to stick to a lesser evil if we want to remain healthy.
  6. Being sedentary at home in the lockdown reduces immunity. Therefore exercise at home and get some direct sunlight too every day. Walk barefeet on the Earth to reduce internal inflammation and increase body immunity.
  7. Stress from what’s going on in the world can also bring down your immunity. So instead of worrying about it, take the proactive steps advised here. Meditate daily. Resolve any relationship problems that you may have. Try to work online from home or make goods at home or deliver online services to keep the income flowing.

We need to follow the advised social distancing norms as well and use face masks when near other people and wash our hands and home brought items with soap or use hand sanitizers whenever there is a chance of transmission. Self-quarantine during mild symptoms and if they get worse go to the hospital for treatment. One of the best devices to check if the virus is affecting your lungs is a Pulse Oximeter that costs around Rs.2000. It is to be clamped on the finger for a little while to measure the oxygen level in the blood. If it shows less than 95% one would need to get tested at the hospital for Corona positivity.

Many doctors and naturopaths advise steam inhalation twice or thrice a day since its heat supposedly helps kill the Corona Virus that first accumulates in the para nasal passages for 3-4 days before it makes its way to the lungs. I’m breathing the hot air of my hair blow dryer instead for 3 minutes through my nostrils after covering the rest of my face with a thick towel, whenever I come home from outside and once every night before going to bed, as I feel no harm in following this advice as well. I also do salt water gargling twice a day to keep infection out of my throat.

I believe that if we follow all the above advice, the number of people suffering Coronavirus symptoms will drastically drop and therefore there will be no need for any vaccination. I have lived the last 15 years of my life without a day of sickness and without any medicines and I know everyone else can too.

I now invite everyone else in this group to offer what they can for everyone here to have better health and to have higher immunity and fight this Pandemic. Thanks!

Ashwini Krishna: This is Ashwini Krishna, Founder and CEO of Nativefolks, we work in the area of rural tourism and rural livelihood generation. There is a need build in trust amongst people with alternative medicines. Because it’s more holistic in nature, these are slower probably and also takes longer to heal. And that’s why many a times e.g. ayurvedic doctors themselves tend to go for mixology. Is nutrition taught in medical Colleges today? Is another important question. Prevention over cure.

Poonam Jain: Hello everyone. This is Poonam from Siolim. I feel along with the physical (diet and exercise), mental and emotional balance, personal empowerment is key to a healthy life. A deep sense of  Self value/worth/esteem roots us to engage with the world with clarity, confidence, ownership and more passion, this facilitates personal responsibility. A sustained base for healthy Life. Lifestyles and Livelihoods can be chosen accordingly. The community is a collection of individuals. The quality of the individual, hence alters the quality of the community. So focusing on individual’s conscious /awareness becomes key.

 I am an  independent Facilitator for Spiritual Retreats and Self management Leadership. My dream is to help set up a Learning Center for communities where people of different ages can come , learn& express themselves through different creative mediums and feel emotionally involved with Nature and it’s gifts. Be engaged with  heart , head and hands. To reconnect with their intrinsic  values .

Darryl D’Souza: From the 1st week of July right up till The New Earth Summit dates 13th, 14th & 15th Nov we will be having webinars with 4-6 topic experts on the panel and audiences who will get their Q & A session after the panellists have 2 rounds of talks. This will happen twice a week. We will first start with mind, body & spirit health. When that is over then food & farming, then environment & living ecosystems / village model.

Last year we had these 10 topics on Mind, Body & Spirit Health:

Reversing High BP, Cholesterol, Diabetes & Obesity with Diet & Lifestyle Changes – Varsha S Naik

Healing your Digestive System – Dr. Shikha Agarwal

Acupressure for Self-Diagnosis & Healing – Darryl D’Souza

Top 10 Lifestyle Choices for Good Health & Good Environment – Dr.Neeru Goel

Ayurveda, Yoga & Meditation for Good Health – Felly Gomes

Cleansing Body, Mind & Spirit using Integrative Natural Therapies – Aswathy Sreekumar

Healing Cancer – Jay Sutaria, & Darryl D’Souza

The Decentralized Medicine System of the Future – Darryl D’Souza

Integrative Naturopathy and Yogic Sciences – Dr. Rita Vaz

Synergy of Eastern and Western Medicine – Dr. P N Kadam

The Global Peace & Harmony Project – Manish Paliwal

From 1st week of July, we will be sharing each of these videos one by one on social media along with an invite to panelists and audiences to make it for the upcoming webinar. The invite will look like this…

Welcome to a webinar on  A Medicine Free Life 6pm to 8pm on 2nd July with our panelists 1, 2, 3, 4 and get amazing insights on how you can get rid of your medicines by following the right practices.

Learn from our last year’s videos at The New Earth Summit right now and get set for some deeper insights this time by joining our webinar. Video 1 – Reversing High BP, Cholesterol, Diabetes & Obesity with Diet & Lifestyle Changes by Varsha S Naik Video 2 – Healing your Digestive System by Dr. Shikha Agarwal

If you are an expert on the topic A Medicine Free Life with at least 5 years of implementation experience at the doctor, therapist or teacher level and would like be part of our panel on it, please whatsapp us on 9821758877. Thank You!

(Dr,Varsha S Naik and Dr.Shikha Agarwal should be 2 of the panelists in this case, so we have space for 4 more).

Now this invite should reach everyone in Goa, so please start giving us inputs on which social media channels or groups we can send such invites to forward. Werner Egipsy, please note down all such resources shared with us here. Thanks!

All these webinars will be recorded and their videos need to be shared with everyone in Goa, especially bigger groups like schools, colleges, societies, churches, NGOs, Panchayats. Some citizens in each Panchayat should start doing regular screenings of these videos. That’s how we can make it a movement.

Finally at The New Earth Summit on 13th Nov we will have 2 halls, with ½ hr presentations, so in a day 20 speakers / topics can be covered. Similarly for 14th & 15th Nov. So totally 60 solutions for 60 of the most important problems in Goa on Health, Food, Farming & Environment. It will be more of talk on the implementation aspects of these solutions. This event is more to showcase the movement to Goa, India and the World. But our movement on the ground of educating people and enabling them to act on the solutions should be an ongoing activity right from our 1st webinar on 2nd July. I hope everyone is getting the picture.

What we need right now from you is to nominate speakers and panellists for our webinar topics. Also suggest new topics on Mind, Body & Spirit Health please! Last year we took only Goa speakers. This year it will be Goa and any other state in India panellists / speakers. Next year, Goa, India, International. Folks please remember, if section 144 is lifted, then we can have panellists physically sitting at 2 meter distances in our hall at The Rejuvenation Center for the webinar. Otherwise it will be Zoom or some other platform. This is public info and it does not matter if servers in China record it etc. Same thing for the summit days.

Christabel: Darryl do you want to conduct a session on Siddha medicine and Marma healing? If we are interested in this science and way of healing I can check with some authentic Vaidyas from Tamil Nadu, to see if they are willing to do this. Because they do not like to participate in mega events like this. So will need some coaxing .

Darryl D’Souza: Thanks Christabel here are some details of the things we seek in our speakers:

  1. The speaker gets 1/2 to talk / present / do a live demo of their healing science. They should have been doing this since 5 years at least with results and case histories to prove its results they are speaking of.
  2. It should be something people can engage with after the talk is over… in the coming days in Goa. So they must be able to deliver their service regularly in Goa at one place at least. We are not ok with someone pitching something here that people have to go to their state to experience. Whatever is presented at the summit will be tried 1st in Goa by the people here and then we will promote to other states and the world what works well.
  3. When they present, there should be a flow – origin of the therapy – how it works – results achieved with people – how it can be implemented now in Goa.
  4. We do not pay for any travel or stay. TNES is a platform where we bring global audiences to teachers / therapists / healers, so we actually take their work our for them. If a member of our community decides to do it for a speaker, then that is welcome. In last summit I hosted one speaker and covered all expenses.
  5. Our core team will do a background and history check of the speaker and have a couple of conversations with them before finalizing them for the summit.

I want to wind up the topic on health and move to the topic of food today, so please let me know if you have any topics on health that you think should be publicized in Goa through The New Earth Summit movement. Anyone you know in health that has something great to offer Goa? Please tell us here about them. We will get in touch with them. Anything in health that you feel has not been addresses, let us know here…. today. Thanks!

If you live in Goa and would like to be part of our WhatsApp group Healing in Goa where you can see services of our Healers & Therapist and also offer your own healing services, please click this link and join us

We also have a 5000+ member group on Facebook Healers &Therapists in Goa that you can join for the same with this link

If you would like to get updates of the health programs we do at The Rejuvenation Center in Calangute, join our WhatsApp group *it’s an ‘Admins Only Post’ group, so there is no chatting there

Christ De Goa: Darryl, the following concept is indirectly linked to public health but more importantly a lifeline for sacred Goa, which is being ravaged (and worse) by brutes and their stone age monkeyshines. I’ve had this article archived on my phone for ages and hopefully the COVID 19 scourge will be a wake-up call for  discerning Goans/Goaphiles.

In January 2019, Dr. Balakrishna Pisupati from the UN’s Green Growth Knowledge Platform delivered a discourse on Goa going Green and Blue. To the uninformed, the treatise Blue economy, compiled by Belgian polymath and savant Gunter Pauli, is the holy Grail of 21st century sustainability and environmental protection. The former professor who is sometimes called the Steve Jobs and Che Guevara of sustainability is changing the way the upper echelons of the developed world go about business as usual, by “ensuring ecosystems can maintain their evolutionary path so that all can benefit from Nature’s endless flow of creativity, adaptation and abundance”.

According to the Herald Dr Pisupati had said, to a skeletal audience,  “It is very unfortunate to see that elected representatives have no time to spare to listen on the crucial topic of biodiversity and environment.”

THE CAVEAT In December, 2019, Herald’s Shweta Kamat revealed that the CM’s liberation day speech had touched upon the belated return of a masterplan. Shelved for 8 long years, the importance of the press release was probably lost to most readers due to the festivities or was overshadowed by the central govt’s latest deception/divisive fascism.

Attributed to Dr Raghunath Mashelkar, the 2035 GoaVision Report aims to “measure and monitor happiness ” focusing on key socio-economic parameters such as Goa’s natural beauty, culture, sustainability, becoming a knowledge center, affluence and good governance. Education, tourism, sustainable development, e-governance and other vital factors were researched and the report was submitted to the late CM; the project was never implemented, which is painfully clear to see. Great minds think alike and the Bhutanese had come up with, and successfully implemented, the concept of Gross National Happiness.

Community vitality, preservation of culture, education, conservation of the environment, good governance, health, psychological well-being, standard of living and use of time were prioritized over worldly GDP.

Like Goa, Bhutan is a one – in – a – million oasis with pristine forests, wildlife, heritage monuments, devout communities and natural resources, but unlike us, they had an upright visionary to shepherd them.

With the threat of devastation by floods caused by melting glacial ice, Bhutan takes on projects after analysing them with a lens called “Ethic-preneurship”.

The prime minister of Bhutan was in Goa a few years back, speaking at the Ideas Conclave at the International Center, Dona Paula. In attendance were the stand-in CM Parsekar and late Parrikar; no action was taken after his insightful speech which extolled Goa’s sacred roots in ancient mythology.

The honorable CM might have merely parroted a copy-pasted liberation day speech written for his predecessor, but Goa is willing and able to reclaim her past. We’re done with the cheap transient SATISFACTION of booze, drugs and gambling drowning us, the same traps the European colonials used to subdue the native American population;  we want the lasting HAPPINESS that mother Goem gives us free of charge.

I humbly ask you to call Dr. Balakrishna Pisupati, to deliver his discourse on Goa going Green and Blue; i had corresponded with him and learned that he is in touch with Goan biodiversity conservation groups. If he cannot make it himself, he can probably guide one of you to do it in his stead.

P.S. Dr. Pisupati is one of the UN scientists who helped China get off the top of the list of cities with worst air quality, currently held by New Delhi. The details are in the UNGGP website attached below –

(Held at International center, Dona Paula)

(The world’s ONLY environmental superpower, sharing wisdom that can heal the planet)

Healthy Food

Darryl D’Souza: Save your agricultural land now. Don’t let it go out of your hands. Start growing organic food on it for yourself and others. Your health depends on it. Open it up to community farming if you don’t have the labor for it. We have lot of people to help with teaching how to do this. See the videos of The New Earth Summit on it. Goa Govt. is giving incentives. Our Organic Home Farming whatsapp group that helps people to do this in Goa is full right now, so will make another one I think… or we can move to Telegram, but people don’t like that interface so much. We will discuss this more on the day we take up this topic.

The 1st thing you should be knocking out of your lives completely is processed foods – anything that comes in an airtight tin or tetra pack or bottle and that contains a preservative or a stabilizer and most contain cheap synthetic coloring agents, flavoring agents, aroma agents as well. Stabilizers are master chemicals that cut down chemical reactions between the other chemicals in that food unit. It is a package of atomic warfare in reality… that we open up and put into our bellies. What happens to us because of them… even before we reach the stage of Cancer in the long run? Please see my video at The New Earth Summit on this

Packaged food is the primary cause of the garbage problem across the planet and the 2nd biggest problem is Planned Obsolescence never heard of that? Please go on YouTube and watch the move Lightbulb Conspiracy.

Each one of us has used both these routes to cause sickness as well as garbage problems and global warming and we have no right to blame environmentalists or our municipalities for the problem. It is time we behave like intelligent humans and fix the problems ourselves. No new habit or technology is required for it. The Food Section of our malls have created most of our problems related to unhealthy food and garbage. Just go back to simpler options that we all used to have before. Eat fresh foods every day of your life! Businesses don’t have to change us, we have to change the businesses with the correct demand that helps our body, environment and this planet.

Real & Healthy Food is what comes from plants and is grown locally, seasonally, organically and whole. Whole foods are the way God made food for us and all other living beings on this planet. Not the way man has processed them, like orange juice for the simplest example. No, you are not supposed to extract the juice and throw the pulp and its fibre away because it becomes an imbalanced unit of nutrition… and then after a few years your doctors tells you that you are having digestive disorders because you don’t have enough fibre in your diet. It is we who create the problem and only later realize that we have to find a solution for it.

What is healthy food for human beings? Please watch my TEDx talk on it

At the ending of the talk I forgot a couple of lines on how much cooked food and how much raw food we should eat depending on our body type. Those details are on pages 109, 110 & 149 of my book below.

Here is something of vital importance to know about how you have been enslaved by food manufacturers. Take supplements like cod liver oil or krill oil for example. Can you make them at home? No! But they are marketed worldwide as very healthy omega oils. And the same companies or their allied companies tell you how these oils are very necessary supplements for your health.

Why do these people not educate you on how the same nutrients and often even better can be got from nuts, beans, peas, seeds, roots, grains and other sources that can be grown in your backyard or local community? Because you will do it locally and not give your money to their malls. So please understand this model of wealth transfer – they make alternative foods to yours and market them like hell, so that you will even leave what is in your backyard or community and run after their rubbish instead.

These are all multinational giants who suck our money from local economies just to make more and more of what they do and put them in toxic packages and give us health problems and environmental problems as well. Whereas we could have simply made it all in our localities and had it fresh and healthy with no chemicals. Goa has enough climate and geography to make all the foods we need to remain healthy. Please support a wide range of Organic Farming in Goa by your local demand for local goods. This is what sustainability and local circular economy is all about.

Darryl D’Souza: So on the topic of Healthy Food – Here is my talk at The New Earth Summit on – Which marketed foods not to fall for and the multi pronged damages they cause – which foods to have instead

Our food supply chains are contaminated by toxic foods and we (the demand) have played the most important part in making it happen. Only a well informed person can make the right demand. Every single bad you food reject cleans up the food supply chain and it also dictates what will not be grown at source to harm The Earth. Yes, it is actually you who decide and not them… but you believe the opposite unfortunately.

This one too talks about what Processed & Packaged Food does to the Human Body and to this Entire Planet

Just watch this video too of our Summit that gives shocking insights into how much the Meat Industry is costing The Earth and our lives

No kind of meat or fish or eggs are necessary for human beings. It is a misguided teaching coming from an incomplete understanding of nutrition. You see, all other species on this planet have got their nutrition right without going to nutrition school.

So when even the vegetarian mammal like the goat or the cow or the ape who do not drink any milk after the age of 3-4 years get the right amount of Calcium, Vit D, Vit C, Vit B12, etc., some expert nutritionists are totally dumbfounded how that can happen.

So they say – to hell with figuring out that – let us just eat the damn thing and never bother to understand how the animal got its nutrients. This is a fundamental flaw in thinking that needs to be set right. Nutritionists who advocate meat eating are a dangerous and incompletely educated lot. They do not understand how nutrients flow though living ecosystems.

If a person chooses to remain unhealthy and age faster by eating meats and seriously damage the Earth too in the bargain, then that is how they are exercising their free will… and I will not fight with them on that. But that they should know the truth, is imperative. Our future can’t be the place for any sort of ignorance if we want to say we are intelligent beings trying to fix the man made problems on this planet.

Darryl D’Souza: Today we get into the topic of the need for Food Security and Organic Farming, not only for self-sufficiency of food in Goa, but for a deeper reason of your survival itself. Please read these posts completely and understand how you have brought yourself to the state you are living in today

When you don’t make your own food in your state, you then need to get food from out of state. Unfortunately most of the fresh food coming into Goa from out of state has many chemicals that destroy health. Even if we get Organic Food from out of Goa, it becomes much more expensive due to the transportation costs and it causes a daily carbon footprint, more traffic, more fossil fuels lost and global warming as well.

Growing food in Goa itself creates jobs and incomes for families and it keeps money circulating within the state. The money that you pay for your daily food does not go out of Goa and it feeds a circular local economy. Why this is important… is detailed below.

Secondly, when you don’t eat fresh food daily for good health, you start buying processed and packaged foods that not only destroy your health, but also siphon money out of your state once again. This route of packaged foods has created sick people and an industry of allopathic medicines to suppress the symptoms of the sicknesses and they too siphon money out of your state.

Natural & Local Herbal Medicines should have been used instead to cure all the sicknesses. And 70% chronic illnesses come from food only. Once upon a time herbs from Goa used to be sent all across the world. It is a shame most of us don’t know that and we have lost that income for our state as well. It can be brought back. It is a green industry.

Our politicians have taken good care to not help small local businesses that keep money with local people flourish in Goa. And this is not only in our state, but a general rule for all corrupt sates. When local small businesses dry up and die and goods and services that people need regularly become unavailable, then the corrupt politicians get their chance to bring in big multi-national or transnational corporations to supply us the goods. They allow them entry and establishment only after getting hefty bribes. This is how corrupt politicians make most of their money.

Just look at these 10 new local entrepreneurial businesses that provide local jobs, goods and services to people from our own local assets in this presentation at The New Earth Summit Why isn’t the Goa government doing everything possible to make these businesses flourish? The answer is simple – they are all by the people and for the people and of assets of the land, so money and assets circulate locally keeping the local people wealthy and happy and they don’t need big holding companies that can have to bribe politicians to run.

All these local businesses will of course be paying taxes and the government will get their incomes for the infrastructures services like roads, water, electricity, etc they have to provide us. So the state will get its functional income. We don’t need high GDP…. Look at Bhutan that is so self-sufficient. They have GDP close to Zero and People Happiness Index the highest.

Remember, food is the most basic and daily need of life. If you let its control go out of your hands, you’ve abated the highest degree of disempowerment that is possible. Now you are being controlled by sickening foods from out of state, processed foods that make you sick and that has paved the way for allopathic medicines to keep you sick for the rest of your lives. Both these things have damaged your immunity to such a high level that now the man-made virus that leaked out of a lab in Wuhan in China is all set to kill you. Yes, it is a patented virus, which means it has been made. By spreading this virus all across the world they are trying to force vaccines on each and every human being and that is the biggest business income that has ever been there.

Please understand the process that you have made possible – gave up control of your food > toxic food made you sick > allopathic medicines kept you even sicker and broke down your immunity > now you are open to virus attacks > now you and your children and your grandchildren will need vaccines. We are literally being made slaves of the system and are being milked for all our money that has come from our years of hard work. Your government may be paying for the vaccine, but they pay for it from your taxes only… it is your money being spent on you. Now just like you pay taxes for infrastructure of water, roads, etc., there will be higher taxes soon to pay for your vaccines. Viruses are not a one-time thing. They keep mutating and every year a new virus will come and you will need a new vaccine. Are you aware that vaccine cards are being issued now in the world? In a year’s time if you don’t have a vaccine card, you will not be allowed for many things. You will be literally locked down completely!

Please know this about vaccines – Vaccines contain toxic substances such as mercury, aluminum and nickel that do not get excreted out of the human body and cause severe illnesses such as Autism, Alzheimer’s and several other nervous system problems. Besides metals, they also contain cow blood, chicken fibre blast, insect cells, human aborted fetal cells, goat kidney cells, horse dung and other undisclosed toxic materials.

This is why these vaccines will keep us and our children and grandchildren sick forever. Up till now only some of us above the age of 30 take allopathic medicines for some problem or the other, but now ALL sick or not sick, baby or teenager, adult or senior citizen, ALL will get vaccines and ALL will be kept sick forever.

Save your land, grow your own healthy food or have it grown by others who you can trust or monitor and save our future. Yes, every state should be self-sufficient and sell excess produce to places like Mumbai that have no land left for cultivation. This is a big local business opportunity. Do not let Goa become another concrete jungle… then everything will be lost. We will need saving then. We have some land left and we have this time now. Act Wisely Every Day!

You don’t need only agricultural land to grow food. You can grow on settlement land too. On 200 sqmtrs around my house I grow over 20 types of fruits & vegetables. Yes, even in the rains with a cover above like a green house. If you have any land, please don’t waste it. If nothing else, make a tree bank like I explained earlier as an asset for currency. Just put saplings in the soil. Rains will take care of them for 3 months. At The Rejuvenation Center in Calangute also, we just made our 1st Greenhouse. 3 more to go. Orchard Land. Greenhouse for all year growing and protection from Peacocks!

Here is our beginners handbook 👇🏼 it’s all I needed to grow my food. Everyday I eat at least 1 vegetable from my own garden. Our Join our Organic Home Farming group and learn to grow your own food

For incentives being given by the Goa Government for Organic Farming in Goa, please hear our speaker Nevil Alphonso  He is now the Director if Agriculture of Goa. His presentation also covers the rollout of the Organic Clusters across the state.

Miguel Braganza at The New Earth Summit giving solutions for Goan farmer problems

Small Scale Organic Farming Model by Karan Manral

Insights from Claude Alvares on how Goa came to have such problems in Farming

Detoxify Your Life

Darryl D’Souza: It is important for these reasons:

Firstly, if you take out all toxic things from your life that get into the human body, your body will be healthier and more joyful and you will also have better brain function, emotional function and artistic function and spiritual function as well.

Secondly, each and every toxic thing you allow in your life represents the manufacture of a product that causes contamination and damage to the entire ecosystem and this planet as well. Take for example a tiny nail polish that has chemicals in it. There are factories that are polluting our air and water to make that product for you. They are taking natural raw material from the Earth and chemically changing them (just to give you that glossy finish with silver dust in it) into inorganic materials that were never there on this planet. Whether you wash off that polish with acetone or clip your nails, it is thrown back to the Earth and contaminates it.

Like this, thousands of unnatural products are being discarded into our water and land every single day, when 50 years back we did meet all human needs with natural products only. So please stop this. Every chemical does not become biodegraded into a natural element by the soil in one lifetime of ours. So if every generation now will do the same contamination how can we expect Earth toxicity to remain the same or go down. It will always be on the rise!

Thridly, and the most important reason right now with regards to the Pandemic that you are stuck in, which seemed to be clearing up, but is now getting worse once again and bringing life itself to a standstill. This concerns each and every one of you.

Viruses are non-living genetic material (metabolic cell debris made from protein) that are excreted from the cells of the human body, or from the cells of any other living organism, which could be an insect or a bacteria as well, when they are subjected to high internal cellular toxicity. In this state the cell begins a cellular purging whose side effects are experienced as flu, sore throat, coughs, joint pains, fatigue, breathing difficulties, etc. in the body.

This is a big misunderstanding – Everybody has different types of viruses lying dormant in their body that need to be kept under check with vaccines. Here is the truth – Every body that is subjected to toxicity for long periods of time is forced to excrete cellular protein debris known as a virus when detoxing its cells. The excreted virus protein matter is just information codes for the rest of the cells of that body to know what detox process or disinfection process has been completed, so that the other cells of the body get their feedback and know how to behave from thereon to re-balance the organism, since its detox phase is complete.

If someone can toxify your body and its cells to the point that your subdued immunity cannot manage it, your body will be forced to express a detox as a virus and that’s when you have been cornered into accepting a supposed remedy in the form of a vaccine.

Research on most vaccines has proven that they all contain toxic substances such as mercury, aluminum and nickel that do not get excreted out of the human body and cause severe illnesses such as Autism, Alzheimer’s and several other nervous system problems. Besides metals, they also contain cow blood, chicken fibre blast, insect cells, human aborted fetal cells, goat kidney cells, horse dung, formaldehyde and other undisclosed toxic materials.

So the 1st thing you need to do is stop toxifying the human body through the route of toxic processed & packaged foods, toxic body products, toxic household cleaners, unnatural chemical medicines, toxic environmental pollutants, petrochemical products, toxic fertilizers, toxic pesticides and other toxic agro chemicals in our food growing soils, carcinogenic preserving and ripening chemicals sprayed or our fruits and vegetables, genetically engineered foods, carcinogenic growth hormones and toxic unnatural medicines used on animals and birds and fish for our meat based foods products and finally harmful electrical fields radiated from electronic devices surrounding the human body, such as mobile phones, mobile towers, laptops, wireless internet routers, blue tooth devices, etc.

Fighting all of these things daily engages the immune system of the human body leaving it hardly any resources left to fight attacks from bacteria, viruses and other microscopic pathogens, making the human body highly susceptible to them. Do not believe theories that the human body will adjust to all of these toxicities over time. No, it does not. The human body has evolved intricately over millions of years and it has a sharp and clear response to every single substance of the cosmos. It has a natural way of processing and absorbing if needed or rejecting if not needed or if harmful, all the atoms and molecules that it has been interacting with in its natural surroundings over millennia.

All man made molecules that never existed on this planet before, if introduced into the human body, will be expelled through the breath, feces, stools, urine, and sweat or as a viral cellular detox. As it does this the human body will express many types of illnesses that we commonly have and the flus and coughs and body aches as well. What the human body does have is tolerance limits that operate within homeostatic parameters. Do not mistake that for adaptability. A person can live an entire lifetime with a dis-balanced system and assume it to be their body adaptation. When the tolerance limits of the human body are broken, all hell breaks loose. That is the state we have reached in this world now and also why cancer is seeing an alarming rise.

So deactivate wireless devices in your home and around your body. As the intensity of wireless networks around the human body increases, their unharmonic frequencies impinge on your aura and chakras and their harmful radiations reach your cells to induce chronic cellular irritation which evokes a detox response from the human cell, as a virus. It also evokes a quick replication of damaged cells that lump over each other to form tumors and cancers. The cancer does not subside unless the inorganic material or toxic energy or harmful parasite is taken out of the human body permanently.

There are studies which plot the graphs of how global viral outbreaks matched the rollout times of 1G, 2G, 3G, 4G and now the 100 times more powerful 5G networks. Please research those reports. The 5G operational frequencies of 30-90 Ghz cause long term damage to the human body. At around 60 GHz it decreases the ability of hemoglobin in the blood to bind with oxygen from the lungs and that creates breathlessness, the main COVID-19 symptom. The first ever 5G installation in the world happened in the very same place where COVID-19 originated, Wuhan, China. So please protect yourself from all such kind of damaging radiations and replace all wireless internets in your home with cabled internet that comes to your PC. Use cables to connect to other internet devices at home. Give up using the mobile phone at home and instead use an IP phone like Skype to make audio / video calls to people across the globe for free. Use electrical devices that are close to your body for the least amount of time. Never keep a laptop on your lap. Keep it on a table in front of you so that the wood blocks some of its electrical energy radiation.

The people who think 5G is not harmful, are mostly people who have no working knowledge of 5G. They not aware of the damage 4G has caused to people living in close proximity to its towers. Have they not seen the research that explains how much more stronger the 5G field is, and that its towers need to be placed at every few hundred meters to be effective? Why are they ok with living in an electric maze? Are they waiting for a brain stroke from it for proof that its a slow killer?

4G is enough for all the needs of the common man as we have already experienced. 5G is only needed for draconian Artificial Intelligence Surveillance Systems to be operated by oppressive Governments to control benevolent people against their will.

Mukesh Ambani of Reliance India is all set to roll out 5G across India despite no long term tests having been done to prove that 5G is safe for human use. In fact 400 scientists warn from across the world warn us of the serious health effects of 5G and are making submissions to their Governments for a ban on 5G. Here are some of their articles 1. Appeal by 400 Global Scientists to ban 5G 2. Scientists warn of serious health effects of 5G 3. No reason to believe 5G is safe.

Following is the proper curse of action:

  1. File PILs against the rollout of 5G in India. City wise citizen committees for this need to be made to implement this.
  2. File PILs against TRAI (Telecom Regulator Authority of India) and also name all our mobile operators in it siting abysmal performance of 4G services not delivered as per tariff plans.
  3. Every state should form a doctors, healers, therapists & naturopaths state level committee and file PILs against 5G implementation in each state, siting all the studies across the world that prove it is detrimental to health.

With all of the above bad lifestyle choices, we have all set up our bodies to express a detox ‘at the drop of a hat’, and that time typically comes during the change of seasons in the year. Change of seasons are those times of the year when the human body tries to re-balance itself to match the external environmental that has changed. It demands internal body resets through homeostatic cellular re-balances and it is the most stressful week of change for the human body. Many people who have high immunity or less toxicity within their bodies do not get sick at this time. But all those people who have toxicity within their bodies more than what their immune system can manage get the cough, cold, flu, joint pains, etc. during this period. This is simply your bi-annual viral detox. Haven’t we all experienced this almost every year of our lives? What is new about it? Taking an antiviral also does not cut down the 4-5 days of sickness symptoms, because it is simply not an infection. It is just a cellular detox that completes its natural course in 4-5 days.

Yes, stress, anxiety, fear, hate, emotional trauma and bad relationships also negatively impact the energy circuits and prana flow in our body making our immune system weak and that is not what you need now, so please resolve all stresses and relationships and meditate and calm yourself and have empowering beliefs to help you get through this phase. Share good humor with people, watch movies that make you feel happy and positive and that inspire you to do something good for the benefit of all now. Many people get depressed if they can’t make themselves useful. That is normal because human beings are truly a social and helpful and fun loving species.

Here is something important to understand – when a person has reached their threshold of maximum toxicity from all of the above, their body detox begins and they get the flu and cough and headache and body pain and that’s when viruses get expelled from their body at that time. Their body energy fields become very strong and radiate out in all directions forming an energetic detox field that induces the energy field of the next closest person within a proximity of 4-5 meters into a similar detox process. This is actually the Herd Effect being spoken of so much. People with high immunity feel a bit of discomfort for a couple of days. People with lower immunity get the flu and cough and cold and joint pains for 4-5 days, and people with very low immunity succumb to some illness or organ failure, typically of the lungs or brain or heart if those have been their predominant weakness. This is what people around the world are experiencing right now.

So if you choose to take a vaccine as a protection from a virus, remember that viruses keep mutating all the time. So does it make any sense to take a vaccine every 1-2 years and subject your body to all the unhealthy toxic substances listed above? Or does it make complete sense to detox your body and increase its immunity to fight viruses on its own just like it was doing since thousands of years? Just like it works for all other species on this planet. Viruses are not getting stronger, the human body and its immunity is getting weaker from all the toxicities being forced into it. So get toxicity out of your body as soon as possible if you want to survive this pandemic.

Peter Singh: Darryl’s concepts are fantastic for our healthy lifestyles and against the poisons in our systems. We need to implement them for ourselves. But we also have to start thinking of what’s happening around us to the less fortunate. How do we do that?

Darryl D’Souza: Yes Peter, what I’ve posted starts first with actions for our own health but as evident from my past posts that are all on this page now  we have gone into aspects of our ecosystem, first securing our land asset and then farming to give us food. But farming also generates livelihood. The day wage worker at my home is usually doing civil works for some contractor all year round. But now he is doing farming for me. He says he had been doing farming in his native place for quite a number of years and in his childhood, so it’ so much easier for him.

So if we had all got our making organic food priority right (those of us who have land), we could have given so many migrants farming jobs and they would not have had to go back. Now Goa is going to see an economic collapse by the end of this year that it can’t imagine because of no labour force.

So the immediate thing we should have done is – hold back this workforce by giving them jobs. To give them jobs, we should have started / or can still start small scale local businesses that make local products or services and call some of them back to work. New Local Jobs is a topic we presented at The New Earth Summit and you also spoke on aquaponics as a livelihood there.

For how long are they going to last in their villages? That was the place that there was no income in the first place. Yes, they can farm there and make food for us, but again how can we ensure it is organic? Fall back on the same old inorganic corrupted system? Where food eaters cannot meet their food makers to know what they are actually doing?

Now the only way we can generate local money and jobs, is by building new products and services that are most needed in our current times. They should be safe, eco-friendly and local if we don’t want to see a horrible future again. For how long can we dole out money from our pockets and feed people here without incomes? Yes, rich people can do it, but the middle class like me can’t go on like that for long or else we’ll be in need of aid soon. All this is not just for migrants, but for all of us too. We need to start earning money via jobs and businesses once again.

The thinking is very straightforward – think Off The Grid Self-Sufficient Community – what would that require to make? Imagine we are already that, except we each live where we are now and have already been provided water and electricity and roads and postal service and internet and mobile connectivity. Now just think what else do we need to succeed as a self-sufficient community and let’s go for it!

New Houses? Make natural houses. Clothes? Make them. Food? Make it. Education? Learn from Home through the PC and get Global Level Education. This is about the re-emergence of products & services and jobs and businesses. This is the only way to resurrect ourselves from the grave that we have been put in right now.

Our Government is already debt enslaved to IMF, WB, and therefore has to follow the dictates of their counterparts WHO, CDC and UN’s Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030, which is also trying to reduce the world’s population to half its current size in the name of Sustainable Development. Therefore their hands are tied and they unfortunately cannot help in in ways that contradict the above bodies. So it is only the people who have to help our communities in our state first. If each state in India does this with the help of all the ideas we have shared here, then it will be such a blessing to our Government and this country as well.

So what we are trying to do here is help people understand deeper aspects of the basic problems that are foundational, many top level problems spring out of them only they are just symptoms of the deeper problems, then sharing ideas and solutions that will work for those deeper problems, building resonance of ideas and their familiarity with people, trying to form a collaborative solution because all of us have to play our part in it. Some very important basics are still to be laid on the table, will happen before this weekend then we will all see the way forward easily.

Finally – To do or Not to do? Hopefully that is not the question.

Robert De Souza: Thanks for sharing such a comprehensive plan for Goa. The reason why China is the fastest growing economy unlike India is simple.  They have 100 year plan and Focus.  No red tape and corruption like India. So their projects are all completed in time.  They even use the army to build the infrastructure etc.  Yes their agenda is clear as they need food for their billion plus so own big chunks of Africa and South America. So we know that sadly the chances of India making any major investments are slow due to C19. So the people must step up with credit unions where people switch from all the other banks as they are all heavily borrowed. It is time to build a tribe of Fearless Jedi Warriors who adopt best practice to make success happen. We know it takes time but what other option does one have? 80 percent who are negatively conditioned by Fear based media will always sit on the fence. They enjoy playing the Blame Game as very few are passionate Activists like the many leaders here. The first rock solid foundation structure with sustainable projects to roll out. Now it is bringing in as many creative Entrepreneurs and Caring Philanthropists and Funders who share your collective MVIP Legacy.

Besides attracting more journalist to do our PR, we must find young talented Goans who can use their creative gifts to make short videos about success stories to inspire as many schools to start mini projects as part of their sustainable education. This can then go viral to champion all our key leaders here who continue to shine their light brighter every day. I am prepared to start the ball rolling with a small investment for the New Earth Champions Award for the best school project for bee keeping or any ones leaders here propose. So before Darryl speaks to the Teaching Association he can mention this to ignite the creative fire to inspire as many people to engage and participate with as much discussions on projects that are hot etc.  We can speak more about this later on today.

Werner Egipsy: How can we create an environment where a person is able to define their  passion, and then move on the path towards fulfilling their passion as work, which fulfils them and sustains the world around them.

The first is education, where they are trained towards their passion.

Second is what that passion is. So existing jobs are:

  1. Waste Management #clean
  2. Power generation #green
  3. Agriculture #self-sustaining
  4. Technology to create products and support services #local
  5. Local content providers #local
  6. Curated products and services

At the local panchayat level, professionals with IT experience, can join the CSC, at each panchayat, where they can provide more local services, such as job boards, providing services such as online payments, online registration for various services, subscribing to various government and private schemes, listening to webinars, taking part in international competitions.

For waste management, I realise that everything can be recycled, including mattresses, and that today when you buy products, every package has a message saying that if you return to the company, you will get Rs. 15 per kg. There is also the concept of EPR, where each local company is encouraged to get the plastic returned back to the plant and reused. The biggest abuser of this, is the companies which make sanitary napkins.

Local jobs in Sustainable tourism:

How the education system needs to change to support entrepreneurship:

Creative services which can be provided locally:

Peter Singh: Thank you, we have to be the change to make the change, taken from Miguel Braganza’s talk at one of the events.

We are trying to put forward this idea to as many people as possible through our training workshops and it will all also be on a website we are setting up. We have had a very interesting interaction with Manish Chand, from the US who came over to see us a few months ago. Karan and Yogita know him. He came to know about us from a friend and came over to see our work. He said he has seen aquaponics  all over the US, but no one has ever done what we are doing, which is integrating managing your kitchen and garden waste, by converting it to vermicompost and incorporating it into aquaponics to give higher yields.

Our systems take care of the food and garden waste in cities, by using it in aquaponics to generate food. He gave up what he was doing in the US and has bought a farm in New York state, where he grows organic food and takes it to a farmers market every week. For 6 months in the winter there,  he comes here and works with small  farmers in bihar and provides them heirloom seeds, of vegetables and others, and helps them find a market for their produce. His only condition of giving them seeds is they produce more seed and give it back to him.

Last month he called me and asked me to have a webinar with his farmers, and it was a very interesting two hour conference, and the farmers were very excited about the concept of aquaponics,  as it does not need artificial fertilizers. And produces fish and vegetables and fruit. We have offered free training to small farmers who can’t afford to pay. The other concept we put to him is that in every village there is common land held by the village panchayat.

In this land the villagers can all contribute and set up a community fish tank and greenhouse with aquaponics, and also add vermicompost to it so the food and plant waste in the village can be converted to growing food. This can feed the entire village with organic nutritious  fish, vegetables and fruit. Older people in the village can easily work in the greenhouse, as it’s not hard physical labour like farming. Villages like this can feed the poor and others in their village and it can be a model of sustainability, with solar and wind power added to it.

Aquaponics is only a one time capital investment, which according to the FAO can be recovered within two years from production of fish and vegetables and fruit. After two years it’s only the running cost which is feeding the fish and electricity, which with solar and wind power, will be taken care of. This can also be set up in each school, and provide a midday meal to the school children of fish and vegetables. Also in a school Aquaponics is STEM education for children and they can practically learn Physics, chemistry, biochemistry, botany, biology, architecture, engineering, mathematics.

In New York there is an NGO which has aquaponics set up on government school rooftops, and they have practical science projects going on all the time which the children take up. My wife had gone to see them, and they said please wait for us to show you around as at the moment the children are doing scientific practical experiments. This is the future of agriculture.

Move To Real Assets

Darryl D’Souza: Since the time we allowed our permanent valuable assets to be managed by others (people who we did not know or could not trust) they kept representing our assets by equivalent paper money. Thereafter, even though the assets did not increase, they printed false paper money and are circulating it amongst us. Now we don’t know when this fake money system that is not backed by real assets will collapse.

In fact, many knowledgeable people across the world are saying it has already collapsed in the background and the current man made Pandemic is just a front face to bring economies to a halt, so that they match the real bottom value of the economies. When we restart at whatever level, everyone will blame it on the pandemic and not the real scoundrels who made our fake paper money systems.

Reports explain that huge organizations like Amazon and Reliance India are running on loans whose interest itself they are having a hard time paying. What about returning the loans themselves? Not possible.

Now our only way out is to have real assets…. land is the most important. For if you have land, you can have your own home on it, make your own food on it and dig a well and have your own water and free sunlight and fresh air of which you can also produce power, so then you can have your basic needs met and your health as well intact.

The biggest renewable asset on a land is trees, because trees can make your home and another 1000 articles of daily use and it can make all your food too and your tree bank can have a real book value that can be represented as some common local currency. Call it Stones for now. It does not have to be physical, even a common community register will do. 100 stones will get you 1 hr of a health treatment and with that the health practitioner can get 2 bags of organic rice or a 100 other things that community members produce.

Yes, Gold & Silver are global assets, so they are safe. But they are not renewable like tress and they are limited. So are metals and many other real assets. Cryptocurrencies! Do you know and trust the people who have created them and are they based on real assets? Or are they also inflated by agents in between according to some fake ‘market forces’ of supply and demand like how our current global currencies are traded.

Though you can make a metal chair that will last 500 years, in comparison you can make a wooden chair of a tree that will last 100 yrs only. But on the land you can grow another tree in a 100 years, close to where you cut the 1st tree to make your next chair that will last for another 100 years and so on for another 300 yrs, so they are comparable. Metal corrodes so that metal chair will disintegrate within 500 years, but your tree chair model can last forever.

So make a tree bank on your forgotten and neglected ‘bhat’ in Goa… the one where you said ‘who will do farming there?’ ‘why to make a house there in the hill where no one is living?’ Please go and plant 100 teak tree saplings there right now. Or some other fruiting trees or other wood tress that have sale value. The rain will take care of it for the next 3 months.

Werner Egipsy: Sonam Wangchuk has actually been working on a real asset, if you see his video  you will realise that he talks about the most important asset, Water.

We in Goa get so much water, but we waste it on our roads, creating potholes. Every house either relies on PWD water or well water. If you have a PWD tank, why can’t you save rainwater in that same tank and just filter the water.

The hill people understand the need for water, why not us hill people in Porvorim, or us beach people in Calangute, who let their kitchen water pollute their drinking water, rather than clean it all up.

Every hotel is supposed to clean up the grease before water goes to the water table, but they mostly just let it all go and use plumbers to create eyewash grease separators.

The other asset I think a lot about, is electricity, we get so much light and wind in Goa, that we can, rather easily use this, to create our own electricity, rather than rely on other states for electricity. And if we create more than we consume, we can use electric vehicles, so that we don’t need petrol any more, like on the second day of the lockdown, I saw the mist on the highway near Porvorim, why not forever.

The other asset is knowledge: I have seen great books by priests and doctors, destroyed with no accountability, which is the record of all the knowledge got till date. Also the genealogy, the old recipes, the knowledge with our senior citizens, which just requires collection and publication. Like how many people knew that Goa was the actual capital of Portugal, decades back. All the knowledge about waste management and how to take care of the world around us.

The other glaring thing, is that rather than rely on our own knowledge, we rely on other people’s interpretation of our knowledge, like the many American gurus, on yoga and Indian spirituality. When we google, we invariably end up even viewing videos made in America, about Goan recipes. I mean, how can anyone trust Gordon Ramsay, when he talks about Indian cuisine. In Goa, most blogs about Goa, and restaurants and everything, is usually curated by people who are visiting Goa, rather than actual residents. We need our kids, to treasure and create our own knowledge repositories, by collecting from us and our parents and our ancestors.

Darryl D’Souza: Very good reflections Werner. Yes, they say that the next type of war will be fought on water and it’s time we secure ours by putting it in the ground. Rain water harvesting and the avoidance of its contamination and its preservation. The way to have more rainfall is plant more trees! The deeper science on how it works is also clear.

Though we presented both solar and wind energy at The New Earth Summit and Rain Water Harvesting and Recycling Black & Grey water, both solar and wind power are now being questioned as also having huge carbon footprint for our next generation, when their materials need to go to the scrap yard so we need to find better alternatives.

Yes, knowledge is a vital resource and we need to re-build it in India but with the clean, green, healthy, local and sustainable principles. We have seen that all other bodies of modern knowledge without these considerations work out to be a whole bunch of rubbish. Designing and implementing an Eco-Community necessarily builds this whole body of knowledge. It’s like doing life all over again the right way.

Peter Singh: In our Delhi House we have done 3 types of water harvesting and recycling.

The rainwater from the topmost roofs is channelled to flow into pipes that flow onto a lawn in our back garden. The lawn was made by digging out the soil for 6 inches, spreading a thick sheet of plastic in the whole area, then mixing the soil with leaf compost and then planting the grass. No chemical fertilizer. The rainwater from the roofs channels to this. The area is sloping slightly to one corner. There it goes into a pipe that fills an underground tank of 5000 litres, which is built like a septic tank. So the water settles and filters through the different portions.

The overflow goes into a small manhole, which has large pebbles. At the bottom of the manhole we bored a 6 inch tube well, in which were sunk 6 inch plastic pipes, down to 40 ft. Which is the first sand level underground. The last 20 ft are perforated pipes. The overflow of the rainwater from the underground rainwater harvesting tank flows down to recharge the underground water. There is always 5000 litres water stored in the underground rain water harvesting tank, to be used in an emergency. In Sainik farms Delhi where we have our house, everyone has tube wells, and a few years ago the groundwater levels fell to below 200 ft. And the tube wells stopped functioning.

The Delhi jail board does not allow new tube wells to be bored. So we as a residents association approached them to allow us to set up community tube wells. They allowed that provided the members did rain water harvesting and grey water recycling for gardening. So we got 40 members together in each area, bored a deep tube well going down to 600 ft. Funds Contributed by each member, made an underground water tank near the tube well with water filtration systems and pumped the water to each house. Each house did water harvesting in its compound and only used the grey water for their gardens. The underground water level has risen in the whole area and each house gets enough fresh water from the community tube well maintained in common. Next step grey water recycling.

Every house in Sainik Farms in Delhi has its own septic tank. When we built our house we planned grey water recycling. The water from the bathing areas in the bathrooms and the kitchen is piped to a separate area where it first goes into a gravel filter tank. From there it flows into an underground tank built like a septic tank with 3 compartments. The water filters through the different areas and at the last compartment a pump is fitted. Every day it pumps out the water which waters the garden beds. The water from the WC’s in the bathrooms goes to a separate septic tank. The overflow from this septic tank goes to a horizontal soak pit, which extends the whole side of the garden. The soak pit was made by digging a trench 6 ft. Deep 3 ft wide along the side of the garden.

The part below the septic tank outlet was filled with waste rubble from the construction, then the perforated pipes from the septic tank overflow, went down the length of the pit. It was then filled with more brick and rubble from the construction till 1 ft below the ground level.Then filled with soil mixed with vermicompost. All on top of this fruit trees were planted. The roots went down to the rubble and picked up the nutrition from the septic tank waste. Our Italian lemon tree gave 30 kg of lemons a year and each lemon was 250 gm each.The lemons were fully utilized, by Neeno, the peel was taken off with a peeler to make Lemon cello which had a divine flavour, comparable to Sicilian lemon cello.

After the peel was removed, the lemons were then juiced and lemon juice frozen in cubes to be used all year round, and the waste of the lemons went into compost. Any left over water from the septic tank after this, went into a manhole, where it was pumped out to water the fruit trees. So total water harvesting and water recycling. When we moved to Goa we tried to ask our neighbourhood to do the same but no one was interested. They all anyway think we are quite mad doing aquaponics and growing our own food and composting our kitchen and garden waste.

Goa has such abundant rain and you all let it drain away. The ghats and hills should do rainwater harvesting. The low lying areas can have multiple paddy crops. Other the fields can be full of orchards, mango orchards, which fruit can be sent all over India. The northern mangoes only come in mainly after July. Here the season starts in April.

Robert De Souza: So wonderful to note that you have a great Visionary group of leaders. This will help to create a rock solid foundation for sustainable projects. We must find as many journalists to share all this good news of so many successful stories including Hemp and other job opportunities in our areas. The videos from the conference are priceless. They can be used in all schools to plant as many seeds for our legacy.

New Lock Job Avenues in Goa to kick start its local economy

Darryl D’Souza: How can we create more local goods & services and keep money circulating within Goa, so that local peoples needs are met? And that people should also be able to earn from home now.

Remember my earlier comment – Our corrupt politicians have taken good care to not help small local businesses that keep money with local people flourish in Goa. And this is not only in our state, but a general rule for all corrupt sates. When local small businesses dry up and die and goods and services that people need regularly become unavailable, then the corrupt politicians get their chance to bring in big multi-national or transnational corporations to supply us the goods. They allow them entry and establishment only after getting hefty bribes. This is how corrupt politicians make most of their money.

Please watch our video to get an idea of what we presented on the Local Sustainable Jobs topic.

Sean Vaz: In MH they have, Small scale industrial institute & MCED “MH center for entrepreneurship development”. They provided training to help succeed and see your unit through. “Help make Project reports” to submit to govt and banks for loan. Connect with markets for sale. Small loans with 40% subsidy! Revised loans too. Directory  library of project reports if you want to just do something but don’t know how and what. Follow-ups to see your success n record in their yearly reports too etc. To start with have a basic EDP program with all govt facilities n make project reports for loans the bank will give if it’s made correctly! Have small EDP programs for schools say 6-8 class you’ll get them raw!! In 6 yrs you see success too!

Kaiser: In order to create jobs, we should process the raw materials ourselves. Unprocessed raw materials should not leave the state. This is where the in-between man makes the money and not the farmer, this is where the employment opportunities are lost. Let’s start by making a list of our raw materials and what small scale industry we need to process them.  Example with fruits we can set up community fruit processing units.

There can be community run or community based rice mills, flour mills, oil mills, vegetable and fruit dehydrating units, either solar or electric. Nurseries for fruit trees and indigenous species.  Water bottling units, why should we get bottled water from outside, when we have pure well water here. And on a larger scale power from the pull and push of the tides, we have a huge coastline. We can choose any one thing to start with. Just as an introduction.

Darryl D’Souza: That’s right. We have to stop these big businesses who only make money for themselves and rob the land and its people of resources. We need to keep our resources circulating amongst us. If any of it goes out, it should be by the will of the people and not some business contract awarded to someone by the state – like the Mining scam of Goa. – Ore Chor 144 Crore – Bigger than India’s 2G Scam looking at the state area.

Basil : We need to consider the following too:

  1. Seeing Goa as a Hub for Organic agriculture, Education, IT, Sports, Music, Art & Culture
  2. Any good Organization or NGO’s doing Social responsibility Funding and Supporting Local people for helping in Jobs, Entrepreneurship, Music, Sports, etc for the benefit of Local society looking at their Skill & talent or training them.
  3. Identifying the right Local talent through counselling what he or She is good into free of Cost.
  4. If Locals are into Business to Business. Support each other both the side.
  5. Eco Taxi, Eco Bike, Eco Bus, Eco Rickshaw, Bicycle, etc. a new way of job opportunity in the near future on a very larger scale can be seen in Goa not harming the environment.

Darryl D’Souza: Thanks for some good suggestions Basil. I want to share some of my views on some of the avenues you have mentioned.

Goa does not need to be an IT Hub where some new IT City is made – but we need IT services

Goa does not need to be a Sports Hub where some new Sports City is made – but we need our local grounds and sports clubs where we can continue to enjoy our local sports.

Goa does not need to be an Education Hub where some new Huge Universities are made to cater to students from all of India – but we need good institutions to educate all in Goa.

All these Hubs can be made in the big metro cities or states in India that have already been converted into concrete jungles. We cannot allow more concretization of Goa. All those cities are a wrong model of development for the planet. Goa can be a place where we show how to do it properly, whilst delivering all the real needs of a modern and holistic life. We have to innovate and mobilize n number of natural and local businesses to make the state self-sufficient. That is the solution.

Goa’s Big Environmental Issues

Darryl D’Souza: On the 3rd day of The New Earth Summit we presented some of Goa’s environmental problems and their solutions. Please see their videos on our page If you have any inputs on them, kindly post your comments here so we can discuss. Or else feel free to post some environmental problem-solution that you are keen on addressing.

This group’s work is not just about chatting and sharing ideas here. This is only Step 1.

By Friday this week, I will be updating our page with all the topics I have posted here as well as some of your replies that offer solutions.

On Saturday we will begin sharing this info with over 10,000 Goans in Goa, India and across The Globe to make them aware that we are working on implementing a solution for this Pandemic situation and asking for their help as well. This will be proposed as a model solution template for other cities and states in India and if people across the world take inputs from it and use it in their own places, so much the better. Our page will allow feedback from them and their ideas as well, so this is an opensource collaborative effort for all to participate in and to use as well.

So if you have some solutions to contribute that you have not done as yet, please do it on Thursday after you read that page final version and if have any inputs you missed earlier, please post them here by Thu evening. Next week we will have our 1st physical meeting at The Rejuvenation Center big hall with the face mask, hand sanitizer and 2 meter social distancing norms for those of you who want to start doing the right actions on the ground. Please understand, no one is going to save us, we have to save ourselves.

Christ De Goa: This is about the village of Lachung in Sikkim This video is about a son of the soil, who cares for his land as one would protect a mother. Indigenous people always have a strong bond to the elements of nature, here this eco warrior reverently speaks of his land as sacred. He banned the use of plastic bottles, single use or otherwise, if I’m not mistaken and is instead asking visitors to use bamboo water bottles. This short video is full of love, insight and proactive solutions.

Christ De Goa:  The insights and action undertaken to their effective implementation are mind blowing. The video speaks for itself, it is almost utopian but the takeaway I want people to have is this: Goa is an energetic vortex just as blessed as Bhutan, she deserves more respect than her current status, a sleazy item number for budget tourists and worse.

Saira Dmello: In Maulynnong, Meghalaya, use of plastics has been banned since very many years. Everything, including garbage bins placed on the roadside every 100 meters or less.  Maulynnong was declared the cleanest village in the world a few years back.  This place is famous for its root bridges crossing their many rivers.  Even their homes are made of bamboo on stilts with the river flowing underneath.  Locals are passionate about public cleanliness.

Christ De Goa: @Tallulah D’Silva, The stellar benefits of free thinking based education, experiential learning, knowledge of medicinal properties of wild plants and aptitude development especially now that Mother nature is hitting the reset button for everyone’s good. I had tagged Tallulah with this video, she has the empathy, energy and skill set to solve a ton of society’s woes by empowering kids with experiential learning. The expat in the video is an example of this he mentions in passing that he was at a J. Krishnamurthy school in the UK, I reckon it facilitated his amazing life in sync with nature, creativity, great health and helping the community. Tallulah’s mentoring of kids from diverse backgrounds will pay amazing dividends I can’t wait till her model goes mainstream in Goa, and everywhere else. The duty of adults: to let kids know their unlimited potential.

Peter Singh: GOACAN is doing tremendous work, they invited us to participate in a one day seminar on waste management which they had in mapusa last year, where we put forward how no waste left our house except recyclable waste, and we were composting our kitchen and garden waste and using it in our aquaponics systems to give higher yields.

Darryl D’Souza: Thanks for sharing both the videos Chris and the brief too 🙏🏼🙏🏼 some fantastic ideas and commitment by their Government. Well, this can happen in Goa too… in stages of course and the first step towards it is…. Goa’s Green Party – our next and last topic here… and then we can summarize and have a free for all for a few days. As long as we have the current type of politicians, they will always have their usual agendas and the state welfare and people come the last. We need to kick such politicians out fast! And that newspaper cutting you posted here is part of the solution.

It takes just 1% of the smart people and pioneers to get together and define, design, propose with proven results and then implement with Government’s and interested people’s participation. The only obstacle are these current set of crooks in our Government. We are in the process of a grassroots movement and with the help of like-minded green tribes in Goa can make a people’s movement to turn the tables on the crooks. All depends on how we get our act together over the next 1 year.

Werner Egipsy: I propose we invite Parag Ragnekar to speak about the Mollem issue  This is the complete webinar by Mr. Parag Rangnekar  about the loss of the Bhagawan Mahavir Sanctuary, pointing to the coal industry being the main driver for the massive destruction of the Sanctuary.

Robi Dias: Guys one key aspect that we need to keep in mind is CBA = cost benefit analysis and ROI = return on investment. You have to have tiered solutions home/kitchen garden for a family income pm of 16-24k and then 35-50k, small farm 500mtrs to hectare and more than a 1.5 hectare. Aquaponics has big upfront investment can a loan, subsidized or crowd funding help person at the lower income bracket 16-25k. We need to have solutions on these lines.


The rains this year have exceeded the conservative estimates and caused severe losses for our humble farmers. The Goa government had announced that compensation would be provided but haven’t dispensed the relief funds to all as yet. The inspirational San Estevao community farmers lost their paddy crop soon after sowing, and many others have reported total damage due to unseasonal rains right before the upcoming harvest. Chapora farmers lost priceless coconut trees due to the collapse of a river bank because of sand mining, a recent news clip had helpless south Goan farmers crying foul as electricity dept workers trampled through their fields doing a survey.

Pernem farmers lamented the WRD’s failure to clear drains as requested which had led to water logging and crop loss; this was not an isolated incident, they said this had happened earlier too.

The MoEF & CC issuing an EC allowing Mhadei water to be diverted for Karnataka is a huge problem and the discerning public can learn from the plight of their neighbour. Tamil Nadu suffered a great deal when the Cauvery was dammed to help them and acres of once lush fields went fallow. Farmers committed suicide and the land was only deemed good for real estate, painting the simple subsistence farmers into a corner.

Our farmers are the backbone of Goa. We can’t let the government weaken these ancient foundations with their trademark procrastinating. (Chapora farmers woes) (Sattari farmers woes) (Subdalli farmers woes) (Fatorda farmers woes) (The BBC’s report on the losses to Tamil Nadu’s farmers after the Cauvery was dammed to aid Karnataka)

Sewage waste from a complex into the fields in Taleigao, 7th generation farmers asking Cecile’s assistance to stop an apartment building from discharging sewerage into a field at Taleigao 

Goa Green Party

Darryl D’Souza: Goa Green Party is just a temporary name of a future party that we would like to vote for because their manifesto has those agendas that make for a lean, clean, green, self-sustained, local circular economy and they are addressing the major issues of Goa by fixing its systemic issues.

We have about 2 years before the next election. How can we put up at least 1 Green Candidate for elections in each constituency in Goa? That means 40 such people. I’m guess we can even have 2 such candidates in each constituency.

A Green Candidate is one who has already served Goa for about 10 years in at least one of the areas of health, food, farming, environment, renewable energy, natural homes building, arts & culture, people’s rights, women’s rights, education, green technology, entrepreneurship etc. Such people don’t even need campaigning because the people already know them for their past services to society and will be happy to vote for them now because they come with a good manifesto.

The masses understanding a manifesto – is the work we are doing here with the topics of The New Earth Summit. We have to take a systems approach and first work out all the solutions for Goa in a structured way. Like I mentioned before, there are levels to it – basic structures on which other structures sit. Then test it with the brains who are in Goa, and when it gets solidified, we need to share it with all Goans in different formats, so they understand problem and solution and get educated on why they are voting for this party and how it will serve Goa’s problems.

The result should be that within a year each Goan home must have the manifesto pasted on their gate – for the awareness of everyone else – visitors also to the home must feel like bringing it up for a discussion – it needs to be in the air – the people’s manifesto – main common points for all of Goa will be on top – constituency specific points below. Such an aware lot of people need to tell the upcoming government what they want… because it is possible.

Last time I campaigned for APP because I had some hope that if they come to power, they will be able to do some good things for Goa that Goa really needs and not the policies that Delhi dictates to them from influence of corrupt politicians. Of course Kejriwal sits in Delhi, but he has at least done some good for the people of Delhi that neither the Congress nor BJP were able to do.

We have seen enough of how in the past the Congress or BJP force from Delhi only implemented those things in Goa that made money for the corrupt politicians in Goa, who would give it back to their bosses in Delhi. That is how Goa runs – corrupt money from here that reaches Delhi decides what is to happen of Goa in every aspect – this is not what we are voting for in Goa.

Christ De Goa: This is a very vital and vexing issue, if addressed along established “business as usual lines” i.e. hoping a person with unshakeable integrity will carry Goa away like a superhero. Without upright oversight and foresight, all initiatives are moot, like putting Band-Aid’s on multiple bullet wounds.

Goa trusted Vijay Sardesai last time around; the people, almost as one, were enraged at the “coconut grass” farce and realized the government was not just inept and greedy but evil to its core; Sardesai betrayed his supporters and Goa’s already festering wounds got much worse with new ones to boot. Sure, the state would be in better hands in an ideal world, but after Sardesai Goa cannot take another mortal wound.  2 years is a long way away, we have to act now.

Revolutionary Goans had gotten a citizen’s charter (??) to be proposed in the last assembly session: POGO. It was hailed by almost everyone and vociferously denounced as xenophobic by the rest, but I rejoiced because it showed that ordinary people had a voice. This was following the round where Rane Sr had proposed building a hostel to house MLAs when the Assembly was in session;

As mentioned earlier, Vision: 2035 is Goa’s lifeline.

It would have never been taken up by any of the few leftover namesake opposition MLAs, even if concerned citizens coerced them to try. Sawant of his own accord said he would basically follow the world’s best environmental model: Bhutan’s Gross National Happiness, with different nomenclature of programmes and guidelines. Goa, as a land cannot survive another chimp at the helm of the Air Traffic Control tower. Her culture will, in the hearts of her children, pilgrims and Goaphiles but the rest will be morphed beyond repair. Like the Taj being tarred black and the pools filled with sewerage.

Goans and anyone on the roads cannot be subjected to the PWD’s criminal negligence again. We had the country’s highest mortality rate due to road accidents, almost every city and village has experienced water scarcity, dirty potable water, and death-roads. I still have snapshots of the many mega-fails of PWD contractors from last year.

We have to think out of the box. We’re being swamped with waves of red herrings by the government, each keeping us distracted from the last blow but if you ask me, we aren’t using all the weapons in our arsenal. We’re drowning in knee deep water. June-tenth recently gained notoriety in the aftermath of the police brutality in the US. Apparently, slaves in the confederacy didn’t know they were set free for two years after the emancipation proclamation was signed!

Goa Vision: 2035 was revealed on 19th December 2019. How long before we demand a citizen’s charter that delivers the many benefits?

I believe Dr. Mashelkar, Madhav Gadgil, academics, environmentalists and even Charles Correia were the team who conceptualized and researched the plan. We need a government with Claude Alvares, Captain Viriato Fernandes and others at the helm but the system is too dirty for them to break into.

The red herrings are the trump card here: the government gives us so much ammunition (by way of scams, fines slapped on the state , financial faux pas, repeated criminal negligence, unscrupulous tenders etc) that it can be used to bring them down politically, and even lock a good chunk of them up. It just has to be compiled and listed on a website for discerning citizens to see.

A website with easy- to-access user interface, crash resistant, Something on the lines of Amazon, instead of the current sites for governance adding one below as an example

Darryl D’Souza: Thanks Chris. More ideas will of course come in from different places and people as we start publicizing this and only some of them will be good enough to fit with the structured solution for Goa. Yes, 100 groups in Goa are doing things, what is missing is structure and integration of all our efforts and that is what we will take up after a couple of meetings,  integrating with other groups and their allied agendas.

Werner Egipsy: I think we need to look at the Panchayat structure, as recommended by @Roshan Mathias TNES, where the key points which need to be covered for each Panchayat website are:

 (i) Details: the particulars of its organisation, functions and duties;

(ii) Roles and Responsibilities: the powers and duties of its officers and employees;

(iii) Process: the procedure followed in the decision making process, including channels of supervision and accountability;

(iv) the norms set by it for the discharge of its functions;

(v) the rules, regulations, instructions, manuals and records, held by it or under its control or used by its employees for discharging its functions;

(vi) a statement of the categories of documents that are held by it or under its control;

(vii) the particulars of any arrangement that exists for consultation with, or representation by, the members of the public in relation to the formulation of its policy or implementation thereof;

4 PILWP/42/2019 dtd. 25.09.2019

(viii) Minutes of Gram Sabhas: a statement of the boards, councils, committees and other bodies consisting of two or more persons constituted as its part or for the purpose of its advice, and as to whether meetings of those boards, councils, committees and other bodies are open to the public, or the minutes of such meetings are accessible for public;

(ix) Contact list: a directory of its officers and employees;

(x) Compensation: the monthly remuneration received by each of its officers and employees, including the system of compensation as provided in its regulations;

(xi) Budget: the budget allocated to each of its agency, indicating the particulars of all plans, proposed expenditures and reports on disbursements made;

(xii) List of Subsidies and Process to Avail of the same: the manner of execution of subsidy programmes, including the amounts allocated and the details of beneficiaries of such programmes;

(xiii) particulars of recipients of concessions, permits or authorisations granted by it;

(xiv) details in respect of the information, available to or held by it, reduced in an electronic form;

(xv) the particulars of facilities available to citizens for obtaining

5 PILWP/42/2019 dtd. 25.09.2019

Information, including the working hours of a library or reading room, if maintained for public use;

(xvi) the names, designations and other particulars of the Public Information Officers;

(xvii) such other information as may be prescribed; and thereafter update these publications every year;

  1. c) publish all relevant facts while formulating important policies or announcing the decisions which affect public;
  2. d) provide reasons for its administrative or quasi-judicial Right to information decisions to affected persons.

(2) It shall be a constant endeavour of every public authority to take steps in accordance with the requirements of clause (b) of subsection

(1) (3) For the purposes of sub-section (1), every information shall be disseminated widely and in such form and manner which is easily accessible to the public.

(4) All materials shall be disseminated taking into consideration the cost effectiveness, local language and the most effective method of communication in that local area and the

6 PILWP/42/2019 dtd. 25.09.2019

information should be easily accessible, to the extent possible in electronic format with the Central Public Information Officer or State Public Information Officer, as the case may be, available free or at such cost of the medium or the print cost price as may be prescribed.

Robi Dias: My humble opinion is first we identify candidate on shadow cabinet basis who are experts in their area i.e. an army or ex IPS for law and order etc. within the next 6 months we need to have 2 if not 3 for each Ministry. We need to identify a research team for each of these Ministry. Post 6 months the prime candidates along with the research team takes on each of the current ministers through alternate media channels. Identify current anchors and create a swot to tackle them when they start taking on Green Party shadow ministers. By 18 months our shadow ministers should be all over. We combine effort with like minded groups. Second we need identify now a future panch for each of the Panchayat who job would be to audit their respective Panchayat and use alt media to highlight the good bad and ugly. A research team and legal team to support him. Third identify connects within IAS/IPS specially retired who want to give back to Goa and they provide input and guidance to research, legal, shadow ministers and future panch. Fourth we need to identify a marketing and IT team that start creating a blueprint for campaign and social media mgmt.

Christ De Goa: Spot on, and optimum use of the 4th industrial revolution will allow many such individuals, who are either gainfully employed or unwilling to suffer the election grind, to contribute to decision making. For example Dr Claude posting an alternative to Michael lobo’s solution for waste management. Trashcon, an Indian built waste treatment system can do much more for tons less, what the Nordic model lobo is proposing we import ever can.

Christ De Goa: @Benedict Speaks (Enclosed is a forward to the Our Rivers Our Rights group..the recently signed contract with Norway for their state of the art waste management system is a white elephant when compared to the indigenously designed, UN acknowledged device built right here in India. The Norwegian plant costs half a billion dollars to build and is manned by qualified technicians; the citizens diligently segregate their waste, which is then carefully treated. The government of Norway breaks even by using the heat from the PLASTIC INCINERATOR to supply hot water to its people via advanced pipelines. The Indian device is much better suited for our needs, cheaper, and does not burn plastics. Please refer to the links attached) By Claude Alvares

When will love flow from Bengaluru to hapless Goans in GOA ?

This 24 year old woman named Nibedha — an engineering student from Bengaluru — is one of my clear favourites on this planet. Next time I visit Bengaluru, I am clearly going to invite her out to dinner, if she will accept my invitation. I am determined to see her machine. What it appears to do is just amazing!

Last week, she won the Impact Maker Award of 50K euros (Rs. 40 lakh) for her successful work on the Trashbot. The award incidentally came from Oslo (Norway), not New Delhi.

For those who want to know what a Trashbot is, this is a garbage processing machine which she invented (together with her mentor, Saurabh Jain). The plant can deal with daily unsegregated waste of 500 kg, 2 tonnes, 5 tonnes and 10 tonnes. The machines have been installed at Mundra Port, and now soon will be installed at the Chennai Airport.

This is a product of our very own flesh and blood, made in India, but in GOA, three of our decision-making people from the BJP government of GOA, are flying to Sweden this week to negotiate an expensive new plant for the garbage dump at Sonsodo in Margao! It is a tragedy that those involved in deciding on garbage plants do not handle garbage themselves. The officials know about Trashbot, but want a project not in lakhs, but crores!

The last experimental (and very very expensive) joke in this connection, for which we are all now paying heavily, is the late Parrikar’s decision to spend Rs.146 crores on the Saligao garbage plant, whose parts came from 7 foreign countries, including Germany. This was supposed to be a state of the art plant, doing only unsegregated waste, with 22 waste fractions. Today, the plant is demanding segregated waste to function! And worse, a large number of tankers take the effluent of this plant and dump it in the Tonca sewage plant at Panjim ! So here is a new variant which only our politicians are capable of inventing: one waste management plant generates waste for another! Wow!

Who is willing to stop all this nonsense in GOA ?

Please pass it on to the relevant people (AAP), so that the fraud the Politicians are playing on us GOANS is brought to the notice of the people of GOA. I suppose, if this is given wide publicity in the Press, people will certainly rise and make a big noise. (The  Indian female CEO explains the technology) (The deputy secretary general of the UN lauding the CEO for the world changing innovation) (Hidden problems of the Nordic waste management system) (Michael lobo to visit Norway, Sweden for study tour)

Alka Damle: Every panchayat is supposed to have VDC & also Biodiversity committee. So one of them can be made to represent. In Chicalim panchayat I am one of the members of VDC (village development Committee)

Christ De Goa: The panchayat reforms are mandated by GOACAN and have to be followed up ASAP to save lives, protect the local assets, cut out losses due to negligence. I had asked Diana from Federation of Rainbow Warriors two days ago to intimate the panchayats; she is in close contact with all sarpanches but she said they were drowning with legal work already, the EIA amendment, double tracking, and tons more. She said GOACAN has to do the intimation and facilitate Eservices to the panchayats themselves.

Werner Egipsy: So can we do it for GOACAN. The main thing is to collect irrefutable data, using mobile apps like pothole detectors, then give it to the government and demand action.

Christ De Goa:  Lessons to be learned from this video and parallels to Goa –

1) Gambling is illegal in China but is being pushed by Chinese investors in Cambodia

2) Rent in Cambodia’s gambling district went up 1,000%, rendering natives literally homeless

3) The lure of higher pay checks draws under age local girls to work as croupiers , some as young as 13. Often solicited for   sex by cash laden Chinese.

4) Garbage increased exponentially and oddly, so bad roads

5) Industry insiders admit gambling is primarily for money laundering, with cold, hard cash entering by road or via ports. IMF takes cognizance and issues warning

6) Violent crime rate shoots up,  with feared triad syndicates (Chinese versions  of Dawood Ibrahim and Chota Rajan) making their presence felt, offering protection to “helpless” Chinese whales(high stakes gamblers)

7) The state colluding with nefarious entities, but as  politicians are wont to do, publicly frown upon photo ops, Chinese investors  gleefully dub Cambodia the new wild west, lawless, moral-less, where pots of cash can be made by the fastest gun slingers.

8) Most important take away: the end piece where a youth from an NGO( who spent 5 months in prison for probing govt corruption) shuts down a casino that was caught discharging raw sewerage into the sea.

Darryl D’Souza: Folks, we are winding up the topic Goa Green Party today, so if you have any good ideas on governance or what needs to change in our governance and how, please share it today. A member from this group messaged me and asked why can’t the name of the party be something more encompassing than just the environment focus, so I agreed to it. So please suggest some name, this is for us to refer to in our chats here and to go in our main document that will be virally shared in a couple of days. So please remember, the name should stand for lean, clean, healthy, eco-friendly, self-sustaining, local circular economy for Goa. Thanks!

Robi Dias: We have to look at solutions that are suited to that particular constituency i.e . Calangute versus Canconna. Calangute = Urban Tourist town with balance of new age development with rustic eco friendly living. Define what make this up and create a roadmap of 3/5/7/10/15yrs. Town plan, education, livelihoods, waste, health etc.

Canconna = new age rural village that is rustic, organic farm oriented. Define what new age village entails similarly create master plan to get there i.e Organic Farm and Eco tourism woven into. Party Vision doc should detail out these two model constituencies. The next would be to create hubs clusters that are for sport, health, education, Natural Assets, Media (arts and culture, theological studies, architecture etc.) Etc.

Darryl D’Souza: That’s right Robert. We have to get into all those details. Thanks for your inputs. Like I mentioned before, The People’s Manifesto should have on the top all the common points for all of Goa (so that we all know what we commonly stand for and agree with). Below that is Constituency specific problem solution points.

Christ De Goa: The government gave around 4 crores to KPMG to prepare a tourism master plan for the state; it was claimed that the agency copy – pasted another areas plan and submitted it to stakeholders. We have ticking time bombs and a few already detonated dirty bombs (Sonsoddo) plaguing Goa and maybe the expertise of the founder of the Blue Economy can be consulted? Gunter Pauli has a track record for turning chronic liabilities into booming assets, all by working with nature’s ways.

I know you’re contacting Dr. Balkrishna Pisupati too, who is working along Pauli’s model but redundant measures when Goa’s future is concerned aren’t too much to ask. Who knows, Pauli may do a consultation pro bono.

I had contacted him via email some time ago , his work had filled me with precious hope and i wanted to thank him for that. He wrote back and was very forthcoming.

David N. Cleaver: If you think that the floating casinos in the Mandovi River are doing legitimate business in Goa, which after all ranks somewhere close to Pakistan and Nigeria in the World Corruption League, then please think again!

I hope that the simple example in given in this video helps you understand that the TRUE function of almost any casino (not just in Goa), is related to MONEY LAUNDERING of dirty Black Market Cash!

I have absolutely no doubt whatsoever that Goa is the money-laundering capital of India, and that this is how the ill-gotten wealth of BJP is being “cleaned” …. with a large proportion of the dirty cash ending up in the pockets of Pramod Sawant, Parimal Rai, and all the other local Goan cronies.

This is how the big crooks are amassing wealth in Goa, before spending it on massive personal property empires. So if you watch this and decide that what I am saying makes a bit of sense, then PLEASE SHARE THIS VIDEO amongst the People of Goa, who all deserve to know how their politicians are getting incredibly rich, despite the Goan economy being near “meltdown” point!

Knowledge is Power – Share the knowledge – Share the Power! Power To The People!

(1) If you want to really tackle the drug problem in Goa, then any newly elected government should establish a world class Police Dog Training Academy. Dogs cannot tell lies and do not accept bribes!! See how long it takes to track down drugs-dealers if properly trained sniffer-dogs are put to work!

(2) To tackle corruption, the newly elected government should consider the introduction of compulsory polygraph testing for public servants accused of bribe-taking or other similar illegalities. In addition, regular random polygraph testing of ALL government employees (including police and judges) should be considered.

Goa needs to completely start again with its police force!! 99% of them are corrupt. At the very least, police should operate in pairs (like in the UK) pairs so that they can keep an eye on each other and body cams should be compulsory, with date-stamped footage that cannot be manipulated by the cop himself / herself. The body cam feeds of TWO cops collecting the “same” video evidence is unequivocal evidence in court.

Cops should be rewarded and promoted for exposing corruption amongst their colleagues. The pairs should regularly be mixed up as much as possible, so that regular pairings are avoided, making it difficult to build up cosy personal relationships which will affect their police work. And this whole thing about having to PAY to become a cop needs to somehow be stopped. I know for an absolute FACT that it is still happening.

If the People of Goa were to be presented with candidates who had voluntarily undergone a polygraph test as part of their “selection procedure”, then they might be more inclined to give them their vote.

It might be a good USP (Unique Selling Point) for any new party!

Candidates in any new party need to not only be “clean”, but they need to be seen as that by the electorate. If any candidate refuses the polygraph test then find another one! And the expense of screening 40 people in this way, initially, will be negligible.


Darryl D’Souza: Yes, the session on our children’s education. Will put that topic in.

In the current scheme of things, please remember, first we adults have to re-design and re-construct everything as per our  lean, clean, healthy, eco-friendly, self-sustaining, local circular economy model for Goa. Then educating children on the new way comes in. Of course inputs and opinions of children, teenagers and adolescents need to be taken in the design stage itself. Our meet next week will be the first meet in the design phase.

Christ De Goa:

“I don’t blame anyone for not knowing. This is a collective failure: a crashing lapse in education that is designed for a world in which we no longer live. The way we are taught misleads us about who we are and where we stand. In mainstream economics, for example, HUMANKIND IS AT THE CENTRE OF THE UNIVERSE, and the constraints of the natural world are either invisible or marginal to the models.”

Christabel: All the other initiatives are focused towards for the welfare of mankind no doubt. But most of it will be implemented by adults who may change their thought process one fine day because of our various conditioning over the years. Moreover today’s children are exposed to so much nonsense that they have no clue what is good or bad for them and parents have a tough time explaining it to them.

But if we want to start a  true revolution it should be from ground zero. Our next generation should feel that it is their duty to eat well, stay healthy and do good to the community.

And the good part is that it’s easier to instill such values in our children rather than talking to adults who have a more stubborn demeanour towards change. In fact I remember Darryl mentioning to me sometime ago that he was very keen to start such a school in Goa. If we can do that, it would be such a great thing to humanity, Isn’t it?

I don’t know what the dynamics are or what it would take to get this done, but  I am sure game to pitch in and do my part.

Darryl D’Souza: Yes! Our entire education system has to change because it only produces more of the people who have created this state of the world we live in. The problem is the ideas of life and work and earning they get from it.

Now since we are in the ditch we have to change and teach what will get us out of the ditch. The Eco-Community we planned had the design for an experienced based learning school like a Steiner model and I was to also bring in a masters program so students would get up to business and entrepreneurial skills to start their own small companies and services

from The Global Peace and Prosperity Program from the WINS Network for which I’m an Ambassador but all that when the community gets going to start its work and hopefully all what we are doing now will be a catalyst to it.

An Eco-Community is the best place for such an education, beats showing children how it is done on TV!


North Korea apparently maintains an information blackout over it’s unfortunate citizens, with internet access available only to privileged party officials. With the schools shut indefinitely, parents are rightfully apprehensive about allowing their kids unrestricted access to devices that have the potential to both build or derail their futures. This is an appeal to discerning adults to research and ensure your kids aren’t being denied the tools that are going to be a vital part of life in the near future.

Many of us must have grown up with the notion that discipline equals ‘shutting up, sitting down and speaking when spoken to’ in school. With so many Indian kids, it is easy for management to forget that they are all potential Satya Nadellas and Indra Nooyis who deserve the best. Was your child getting the best in her/his school? With funding available from the World Bank, Gates Foundation and taxes, don’t Goa’s children deserve more?Go on YouTube and check out one of India’s best schools and the future model for universal, empathy based, aptitude developing learning: Heritage Xperiential.

Black and white textbooks, chalkboards, dreary classrooms, terrifying teachers who made you fear to come to school are a thing of the past.

Check out Salman Khan of Khan academy, on the 21st century method of training young star-seeds to see that they are geniuses like Einstein, Da Vinci, Mozart and NOT supposed to have abject fear at the mere thought of a subject. Self – learning is a piece of cake with the American board approving the “Flipping the classroom” concept. The free videos are humanising the classroom experience and the Khan Academy is partnered with the Gates Foundation and Google.

Heavy bags, endless tuition classes, no infrastructure for sports, no time for leisure and wholesome entertainment? Heck no! The Finns ensure childhood is the best part of life. Check out the  Finnish construct: arguably the best in the developed world, where every public school is like a Cambridge affiliated institution, teachers all have a minimum of a master’s degree and are highly respected, with over 5.5% of Finland’s GDP funnelled into education.

The Japanese are renowned for their intelligence, politeness and wellness. Their secret is simple: they have the world’s best educational construct. Empathy, creativity, value education, respect for others and nature are the foundation of their formative years; 99.99% attendance, healthy mid-day meals, students handling cleaning and simultaneously learning dignity of labour, teamwork and the importance of NOT littering.

Check out the ‘Education for a New Era system’, in the Netherlands, or the ‘Steve Jobs’ schools. The Dutch understand that the needs of tomorrow will be completely different than current ones.

Since gaining sovereignty in 1965, Singapore hasn’t looked back, becoming one of the world’s leaders in education. Using digital media, 21st century tools and innovation, Singaporean schools make learning interesting and more importantly, fun.

The Fourth industrial revolution, as coined by Klaus Schwab, Founder and Executive Chairman of

World Economic Forum, is characterized by a fusion of technologies that is blurring the lines between the physical, digital, and biological spheres. Like the preceding industrial revolutions, this too forecasts both prosperity and loss of jobs, depending on one’s ability to re-skill, adapt or better yet, have the foresight to train for the jobs of the future.

Check out Indian-origin and innovation-driven Singularity University alumni Abi Ramanan on YouTube. She is the CEO of Impactvision, a start-up that uses NASA’s hyperspectral imaging technology to potentially solve the $1 trillion problem of food lost due to spoilage or deliberately destroyed due to adulteration.

Lastly, please check out one of many TED talks on the treatise Blue economy, compiled by Belgian polymath and savant Gunter Pauli. The Blue Economy is the holy Grail of 21st century sustainability and environmental protection. The former professor who is sometimes called the Steve Jobs and Che Guevara of sustainability is changing the way the upper echelons of the developed world go about business as usual, by “ensuring ecosystems can maintain their evolutionary path so that all can benefit from Nature’s endless flow of creativity, adaptation and abundance”.

Pauli’s NGO, the UN University affiliated ZERI foundation, is spearheading a change of heart globally with out-of-the-box thinking and research. (India’s second best school and the future model for universal, empathy based, aptitude developing learning: Heritage Xperiential) (Salman Khan of Khan academy, on the 21st century method of training young minds) (Salman again on how Khan academy came to exist, on the American board approved “Flipping the classroom”, not the teacher) (The Finnish construct: arguably the best in the developed world) (The Japanese are renowned for their intelligence, politeness and wellness. The answer is simple: they have the world’s best educational construct.) (The Japanese school mid-day meal, wow!) (The ‘Education for a New Era system’, Netherlands, or the ‘Steve Jobs’ schools) (Using digital media, 21st century tools and innovation, Singaporean schools make learning interesting and fun) (The Fourth industrial revolution, as coined by Klaus Schwab, Founder and Executive Chairman of World Economic Forum, is characterized by a fusion of technologies that is blurring the lines between the physical, digital, and biological spheres.) (Indian-origin and innovation-driven Singularity University alumnus Abi Ramanan is the CEO of Impactvision. The start-up uses NASA’s hyperspectral imaging technology to potentially solve the $1trillion problem of food destroyed due to spoilage or adulteration during transportation. She was very keen on helping Goa with testing of fish for formalin, if only the FSSAI gives the go ahead) (One of many TED talks on the treatise Blue economy, compiled by Belgian polymath and savant Gunter Pauli. The Blue Economy is the holy Grail of 21st century sustainability and environmental protection.)

Werner Egipsy TNES: The Finnish copied the Gurukul system from us 40 years back. We have so many professionals, we can easily educate our youth. We just have to pay the professionals. Finnish teachers are the highest paid professionals in Finland. Another important thing is the Finnish virtue of egalitarianism. This ensures low crime rates.

Christ De Goa: Rabindranath Tagore’s visionary “relationship between man and Nature” applied to education at his University, Shantiniketan is the missing link.. education is an art, not a science, being barefoot on the earth is a vital part of human life.

Robi Dias: Just wanted to share that today education focuses only on IQ. For life journey you need to walking on the difficult Road, difficult Time and DIFFERENT Situations.

Sharing an article read elsewhere.

IQ, EQ, SQ, AQ, According to psychologists, there are four types of intelligence:

1) Intelligence Quotient (IQ)

2) Emotional Quotient (EQ)

3) Social Quotient (SQ)

4) Adversity Quotient (AQ)

  1. Intelligence Quotient (IQ): this is the measure of your comprehension ability”, solve maths; memorize things and recall subject matters.
  2. Emotional Quotient (EQ): this is the measure of your ability to maintain peace with others; keep to time; be responsible; be honest; respect boundaries; be humble, genuine and considerate.
  3. Social Quotient (SQ): This is the measure of your ability to build a network of friends and maintain it over a long period of time.

People that have higher EQ and SQ tend to go farther in life than those with high IQ but low EQ and SQ. Most schools capitalize in improving IQ level while EQ and SQ are played down.

A man of high IQ can end up being employed by a man of high EQ and SQ even though he has an average IQ.

Your EQ represents your character; your SQ represents your charisma. Give in to habits that will improve these three Qs but more especially your EQ and SQ.

EQ and SQ make one manage better than the other. Please don’t teach children only to have higher IQ , but also to have higher EQ and SQ.

Now there is a 4th one: A new paradigm

  1. The Adversity Quotient (AQ):

The measure of your ability to go through a rough patch in life and come out without losing your mind.

AQ determines who will give up in face of troubles and may abandon their families.

In the current context of Corona, many professionally successful people are going through bouts of Depression because they haven’t seen and thus are unprepared for Adversity.

To parents:

Expose children to other areas of life than academic. They should adore manual work, sport and art.

Develop their EQ, SQ and AQ. They should become multifaceted human beings able to do things independently of the parents.

Finally, do not prepare the road for the children. Prepare the children for the road.


Darryl D’Souza: Thank You for reading this page.

You are welcome to give your feedback and ideas as well in the comments section below. We will reply. We would be very happy to understand and implement any of your solutions that will work in Goa. This project is an open source platform, where people can take any info from here to use as they please, so if you are sharing any copyrighted models please mention it.

If you live in Goa and want to be part of our whatsapp group Goa Pandemic Recovery to discuss and implement the components that make up a healthy, lean, clean, eco-friendly, asset based community development, locally self-sustained, circular economy model of living for the state of Goa, please click this link and join us

Our Core Team works on a Systems Approach that structures from basic foundational systems to systems that sit on top of them layer by layer to finally form Integrated Symbiotic Living Ecosystems.

We have started publicizing these topics on social media and will also support their implementation on the ground. We are also preparing for all these topics to be presented at The New Earth Summit through experienced speakers who have implemented the solutions and our effort will be to showcase them to the public and the Government of Goa for their successful implementation.

Kindly share this message with everyone you know, and through different social media platforms including email, so that all may have this empowering information to protect their lives and the future of this planet. Thank You!


Darryl D’Souza: I have made a new group on Facebook called Global Goans Helping Goa It is for Goans who are living outside Goa that are concerned about how Goa is being destroyed by corrupt and manipulative people in so many ways and they want to help those of us living in Goa who are trying to make Goa a clean, healthy, eco-friendly, traditional, artistic, cultural, self-sufficient, local economy that is ethically governed.

In this group we will be asking Goans across the Globe for help through references, contacts, resources, ideas & technology sharing, people support groups, project funding, event funding, funding for legal proceedings against wrongdoers in Goa and also funding for social services in the area of health, food, farming & environment, education and arts & culture in Goa.

We who live in Goa are fighting so many corrupt forces here that are dominating and destroying Goa and trying to make it just another concrete jungle where corruption, drugs, prostitution, land grabbing, environmental destruction and other evils flourish. We will not allow this to happen anymore, so we are doing our best and ask the help of Goans across the world to save what is left of Goa. We strive to make Goa a beautiful, yet modern and orderly place, hopefully a place that Goans overseas may like to return to one fine day.

The posts in this group will be authentic calls for help only from people living in Goa and they will be things that all who live outside Goa can help with. We won’t bother you with anything else. All posts will be checked for authenticity before approval by our Group Admins & Moderators who are people who have a clean track record and have already been helping Goa in many ways for at least a decade, so you know they have credibility and do the right work. This will not be a Goa News Flash or Goa Politics group. There are 100 other groups for them already.

Our last event in Goa is here please have a look at it. It is India’s 1st Integrative Summit on Solutions to our Problems in Health, Food, Farming & Environment. We not only do events that impact Goa, but also create benchmarks for the nation and the world. Our previous benchmark events were the Continued Medico-Spiritual Education Conferences in 2014 & 2015 in Goa and 2017 in Pune.

This group has high caliber individuals who are abreast with world events and views and have deep knowledge that they are using now to facilitate the Goa Pandemic Recovery Plan Please read through our page here you will learn a lot for your own safety and the future of your family and friends.

So kindly join this group through this link and be part of our People Helping People movement for Goa. And please share this message with Goans living Everywhere!

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